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When a foster teenager, who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, is assigned to work at a no-kill animal shelter for his community service, he finds a sense of responsibility and real connection for the first time in his life and the true spirit of Christmas. The shelter’s owner finds that she can no longer afford to fund the shelter and the clock begins to tick to get all the dogs placed in loving homes before Christmas… Click Here To Watch Now!




Luce Lockhart finds herself in a predicament this holiday when she maxes out her credit card. Desperately wanting a ruby necklace, she reluctantly agrees to walk her wealthy neighbor’s dog, Hank. While at the dog park, Luce meets Dean who discovers the park is going to be developed into a spa by Luce’s neighbor… Click Here To Watch Now!




Martin Taylor has totally lost touch with his family. He has no clue who his teenage daughter’s friends are, why his son only communicates with an electronic sign outside his bedroom door, or why his youngest child watches so much TV. Convinced the family needs to reconnect, Martin surprised the wife and kids with a little experiment- he locks them in their own home with no power, no heat, no running water, and absolutely no contact with the world outside! The sudden holiday staycation isn’t what the Taylors had in mind for Christmas, but they’ll have to team up to prove they can survive Dad’s wacky mission and their wackier relatives. But with a little planning and a whole lot of love, this just might turn into the best Taylor family Christmas yet! Click Here To Watch Now!





With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things… Click Here To Watch Now!





Charles and Judith Montgomery have a strained marriage mostly due to Charles’ non-stop work schedule.  Their children, Alexander, Jennifer and Emily sense the tension and fight among themselves, as well.  They are headed to the lavish cabin that Charles built for his family in the hopes of having a special family holiday.  But the bickering continues until Joe and Marilyn Tucker and their children Lucie and Robbie are forced to spend Christmas with them as they wait out a blizzard.  The love, respect and happiness exhibited by the Tuckers has a profound effect on the Montgomerys…. Click Here To Watch Now!




A warm-hearted Christmas tale to remind us that in the holiday season, the best gifts in life are the simple ones, and that miracles do happen, if you believe. Click Here To Watch Now!





When an uncaring executive loses his job, he learns how difficult it can be to find work in today’s economy. He discovers that he may lose everything by Christmas. Will family and faith be enough to bring joy when you’re Homeless for The Holidays?    Click Here For The Full Movieguide Review      Click Here To Watch Now!       





Marci Jewel is a successful ad executive who is happy with her career-oriented life, but all of her cousins are married with babies and her mother, Stephanie, is pouring on the pressure for her daughter to find a man. To relieve some family pressure, Marci puts a plan in place to pretend her business partner is really her fiancé. Now slung between a fake fiancé, a past love and one big wacky family, this will be a Christmas Marci won’t soon forget! Click Here To Watch Now!




Based on the true story of a woman, growing up in the foster care system who so desperately wanted a family for Christmas, advertised on Craigslist… and people answered! Click Here To Watch Now!





Based on the book by country star Jimmy Wayne, this is the incredible story of how the Salvation Army Angel Tree program helps two families find hope during the Christmas Season…  Click Here For The Full Movieguide Review     Click Here To Watch Now!





Struggling writer Annie Logan is devastated to learn that she won’t be able to go home to the family tree farm in time for Christmas due to the demands of her high-powered boss. But when the tree farm is threatened with closure, all in the name of a new golf course, Annie bids her life in New York and rushes home to save the place she has always called home…   Click Here For The Full Movieguide Review   Click Here To Watch Now!



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Movieguide® is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.