Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements.
Air Date:03/31/2017

What You Need To Know:

John Henry Berry is the mayor of D’Lo, a small town in Mississippi with a population of 456 people. He proposes a 95-step plan to restore the town to its former glory. In order to gain the support of his constituents, Mayor Berry tries to restore the old museum on Main Street, which he hopes can someday house a restaurant. The week isn’t as fruitful as John Henry hopes, however, as he is continually distracted by escaped cows on the baseball field and broken water mains. It’s only when the townsfolk come together to help that Mayor Berry’s ambitions plans can be fully realized.

SMALL TOWN, BIG MAYOR is a humorous and heartwarming reality-tv show in the style of Duck Dynasty. The characters, such as Mayor Berry, his children, Miss Ruth, and the other citizens are funny, and lovable, and handle themselves well onscreen. The pilot episode introduces the town and its struggle to stay afloat in the beginning and engages viewers in the outcome of seemingly mundane occurrences and chores. Most of the editing is done well; though a few montage sequences are slow and choppy. The music is unexpected for this genre, but fits the scenes well, and adds another layer of beauty to the show.

SMALL TOWN, BIG MAYOR follows the mayor, his tight-knit family, who all work together to accomplish their goals and appear to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. Mayor Berry’s highest value in leadership is servanthood. He sets an example for his town and viewers by prioritizing people over projects. The ending of this episode displays how community effort is more powerful than individual effort, and shows the rewards of working together. SMALL TOWN, BIG MAYOR is an encouraging, entertaining show with content acceptable for the entire family.


(BBB, C, PP, M) Dominant moral worldview, celebrates healthy, loving community, working together, the value of family, and having the attitude of a servant, with some Christian content such as mayor shown as a Sunday School teacher in one segment, and program celebrates Small Town USA; and, a Masonic lodge is mentioned and shown in one segment.


208/31/2017Legalize Golf Carts+3

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