Season 1, Episode 5 - The Wedding Gift


Number:Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date:11/26/2019

What You Need To Know:

THE CHOSEN:  EPISODE 5:  The Wedding Gift opens with the mother of Jesus calling out the name of her precious son. Missing for three days, Jesus is found by Mary and Joseph in the great Temple of Jerusalem. He is listening to the elders, then He is teaching the elders, opening up the meaning of Scripture to them at just 12-years-old. Understanding the need for grace, Mary looks Jesus in the eye and asks Him to help them get through “this” with Him.

We see Jesus again as He travels to the Wedding at Cana. The drama unfolds in a creative way which fills in some story elements, which gives Scripture a more natural flow in the way of on-screen personal interaction. Jesus’ Mother is the best friend of the mother of the bride. Mary grows very concerned when the wine runs out on the first of three days of the wedding celebration. She appeals to Jesus. The future Apostle Thomas is the owner of the owner of Wine Vineyard. This account shows the major interaction between Jesus and Thomas.

Scripture gives the first miracle account between His mother Mary and Himself. (John 2:1-12) This may be problematic for those Christians who treasure the Biblical account of the relationship between Jesus and Mary, the role of the mother, that shows her to have a significant role in the prompting of the first miracle.

In THE CHOSEN account, Jesus gives a beautiful teaching to Thomas about the process of divine transformation as He turns the water into wine. Mary is present in the scene. Without any doubt Jesus will perform this miracle. Mary tells the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” The wine is better than the first wine served. The reputations of the newly married couple and the vineyard owner are saved. Scripture also notes that this is the first miracle where “His disciples believed in Him” (John 2:11).

As Jesus grows older, rumors of His miracles circulate throughout Israel. The Chief Priests and Elders begin to question who this “rogue” man is. They are disconcerted that Jesus is not under their sect. They can’t control Him, or punish Him for the offenses they accuse Him of doing. One of the Elders in particular visits John the Baptist in prison to try to make sense of the miracles Jesus performs. He does not like the answers John gives, arguing that the only son God has is Israel.

Some creative liberties are taken with Scripture which may lead to some confusion, including order and details and those present with Jesus during certain events. For example, Scripture does not reveal the details of the origins of the Apostle Thomas. Supposing he was a vineyard owner adds some exciting creative story interest. The added material also gives some nice meditational thoughts about the nature of God. There are also added elements that show Jesus to be very personable with a good sense of humor.

THE CHOSEN:  EPISODE 5:  The Wedding Gift has some great acting with nice character development. The setting is realistic. Wonderful storytelling and a good pace keeps viewers interested. The charismatic nature of Jesus is captured well. “The Wedding Gift” is highly uplifting and worthwhile entertainment.


(CCC, BBB, V, AA):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
 The story focuses on the love, liberation and salvation that comes from Jesus Christ with some reinterpretation of Scripture;

Foul Language:
 No foul language;

  Non-Graphic discussion of the Roman persecution of Christians;

 No sex;


Alcohol Use:
 Implied excessive wine drinking at the Wedding at Cana;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse :  No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
 Nothing else objectionable.


1.104/19/2019I Have Called You By Name+1
1.304/19/2019Jesus Loves the Little Children+4
1.404/19/2019The Rock on Which It Is Built+1
1.511/26/2019The Wedding Gift+1
1.611/26/2019Indescribable Compassion+4
1.811/26/2019I Am He+4

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