Air Date:01/17/2017


Season One of VICTORIA is an entertaining, moving, mostly wholesome romantic historical drama about Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne and her love story with Prince Albert. Season One of VICTORIA contains strong Christian, moral elements, especially in promoting chastity and communicating the special beauty of Christian marriage, but MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children due to some sexual references and brief foul language during the first eight episodes.


01/17/2017VICTORIA SEASON 1-1


(BBB, CC, Ro, V, S, L, M) Very strong moral, pro-marriage worldview with natural biological determinates, and Christian themes shown by the fact that the main character has to grow in mercy and selflessness to become a good queen, and Prince Albert gives a wonderful speech where he calls slavery a violation of Christianity, weakened by some light Romantic worldview elements such as a secondary character who falls in love with a married woman; some obscenities include “d” words and “b” word for illegitimate child, plus about one to three profanities in each episode; no graphic violence but suspenseful assassination attempt, soldiers clash with protestors, the cruel punishment of “hanging, drawing and quartering” for treason is discussed; some sexual references spread throughout eight episodes, including a character suspected of being pregnant out of wedlock is examined by doctors, illicit sexual relations referred to as “criminal conversation,” discussion of Lord Melbourne’s wife having left him to run away with Lord Byron, Russian Grand Duke embraces Victoria inappropriately during their waltz at her Coronation Ball to everyone’s shock, a royal servant has a secret past as an employee at a brothel, character returns from brothel, references to innocence/chastity of main characters, engaged couple sneak away from chaperones to kiss, light kissing as a prostitute tries to seduce a morally upright young man tricked into visiting a house of ill repute, but he politely refuses her, lots of clothed bedroom kissing scenes between married couple, Victoria is shocked to find it’s normal for aristocratic men to keep mistresses, male servants joke about a character’s pregnancy, married character wants to avoid becoming pregnant and follows her friend’s advice to jump up and down ten times as a contraceptive measure, character explains “abstinence is the only way to avoid pregnancy,” immoral character flirts with a married woman and develops feelings for her and visits her bedroom and they kiss but then he leaves, brief clothed childbirth scene; no nudity; Victoria gets tipsy; no smoking or drug content; and, servant lies about her identity to help friend who has an illegitimate child, servant also lies and takes the blame for another servant’s misdeeds but just in order to show kindness.

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