What You Need To Know:

In COOL WORLD, Frank and Jack fall into a cartoonist's two-dimensional fantasy land. Attempting to cross over into the real world, a harlot seduces Jack in pornographic fashion, ripping off her clothes to fornicate with him. From start to finish, COOL WORLD is a sexual fantasy that is off limits for children and anyone who wants to keep his mind pure before God.


(PaPaPa, OO, LL, VV, SSS, NNN, A, D, M) Very strong pagan worldview with occult cartoon figures, demons rising from graves, ghostly spirits, door knocker becomes talking head; 19 obscenities and four profanities, plus character urinates on a pursuing police car; strong violence includes fistfights, objects falling on people, man kicked in crotch, man falls from building; graphic fornication, voyeurism, and crude references to intercourse; complete female nudity, bare buttocks, brassiere seen through blouse, and seductive swimwear and dress; guzzling alcohol; smoking cigarettes; and, lying and deceit.

More Detail:

In COOL WORLD, Frank and Jack fall into a cartoonist’s two-dimensional fantasy land a la the flop of the century, BRENDA STARR. It all begins in 1940s Las Vegas, as detective Frank Harris is pulled into COOL WORLD by “Spike of Power,” an invention of Doc Whiskers. Back to the present, cartoonist Jack Deebs draws his visions of COOL WORLD into a popular comic book. When his sketch of Holli Would (Kim Basinger) comes to life, he’s transported into COOL WORLD. Meanwhile, Holli wants to cross over to the “real world” by having sex with a humanoid. After seducing and bedding Jack, she becomes real. With Frank in pursuit, Holli crosses over to search for the Spike in hopes of remaining real.

From start to finish, COOL WORLD is a sexual fantasy that’s off limits for anyone who wants to keep his mind pure before God. Ralph Bakshi, noted for his X-rated cartoon FRITZ THE CAT, mixes live action with animation, but his movie falls short on entertainment value. While the animation is okay, the content is pornographically explicit and occult. Also, the interaction with live actors doesn’t always mesh, and the storyline is somewhat confusing. Distracting animated figures pop up on screen for no reason.


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