James Van Der Beek Prioritizes Family Time Above Return to Hollywood

James Van Der Beek/Instagram

James Van Der Beek Prioritizes Family Time Above Return to Hollywood

By Movieguide® Contributor

James Van Der Beek recently opened up about how his family’s move to Texas has brought them closer together — and closer to nature. 

“We love it. We have a lot more space,” the actor shared. “… It’s been a really, really great move and the kids are really happy.”

Van Der Beek shares six children with his wife of 12 years, Kimberly Brook. 

Part of the reason the family decided to leave Hollywood? A desire to be closer to nature. 

“The parks have been amazing,” he explained “We’ve been going to state parks and the national parks. It’s just one of the benefits of getting out of the big city was getting to a place where we could just have more space right outside our door. It’s a very different life.

“We watch the sunset. We know what phase the moon is in. We can actually see stars, which is a new thing,” Van Der Beek laughed. 

Van Der Beek has been relatively unseen on screens lately, but the actor says he’s been thinking about coming back to acting. However, family is always his first priority. 

“I’ve been trying to set things up right now so that I can spend the most amount of time with my family,” the actor shared. “I’ve been writing and developing. I am actually feeling the call to collaborate with some really brilliant people and act again. I will see. It would have to be something that I really, really believed in.”

He continued, “I was really enjoying the kind of career that I had been wanting to build for quite some time before 2020 and now my priorities have changed. It would really have to fit around my life. I do love telling stories. That is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I think I’ll always continue to do that.”

Movieguide® previously reported on how Van Der Beek’s faith helped him get through his wife’s tragic miscarriage in 2019:

Actor James Van Der Beek opened up on Wednesday about his wife’s devastating miscarriage a year ago and how losing that child impacted him. At the time of the miscarriage, Van Der Beek was set to dance in DANCING WITH THE STARS ahead of the competition’s final rounds.

In an Instagram post, Van Der Beek shared a picture of him and his DWTS partner Emma Slater embracing. The actor said the photo was taken not even 48 hours after he found out his wife had miscarried their child at 18 weeks.

Van Der Beek said the loss of his son allowed him to open up his heart to accepting grace.

“And this might sound crazy to some… but I feel like that was his gift to me. That was one of the things his soul came here to unlock: He gave me access to grace. And I share this because we’re all going through something,” the actor wrote.

He and his wife, Kimberly, are already parents to five children, and have experienced multiple heartbreaking miscarriages.

However, the couple is focused on celebrating the family they do have.

“I can’t tell the future. I don’t know what’s going to happen. And I’m far from perfect. All I know is… I don’t think I’ll ever look back and wish I’d spent LESS time with my kids,” Van Der Beek said in September.