5 Netflix Shows Your Preschooler Can Watch

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5 Netflix Shows Your Preschooler Can Watch

By Movieguide® Contributor

As Netflix begins to push LGBT themes and other unbiblical agendas in shows designed for young children—like RIDLEY JONES, ADA TWIST SCIENTIST and CHIP AND POTATO—many Christian parents wonder if any shows are safe for their preschool-aged kids. Movieguide® has provided this list of fun, kid-friendly series you can find on Netflix. 


GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE is a popular mixed-media series that shows a young girl’s boundless imagination as she plays with her cat-themed dollhouse. In each episode, she shrinks herself and her favorite stuffed animal, Pandy Paws, so they can play in the dollhouse. The miniature, animated versions of themselves have loads of adventures with the other “Gabby cats” in the dollhouse.

The show always keeps things bubbly and positive, even when the most mischievous cat gets into trouble. Gabby and her cat friends teach young viewers how to recognize shapes and patterns or how to make their own fun recipes and crafts. Gabby does a great job recognizing when her friends need a leader and always steps up to the plate. Her character is also very forgiving. Any immorality (lying or thieving, for example) is portrayed in a negative light.

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In Moonbug Entertainment’s COCOMELON, a preschooler named JJ explores the world around him with the help of his siblings, friends, parents and teacher. Through original songs and old nursery rhymes, JJ learns his colors, numbers, manners and much more—like how to be a good helper to his family.

COCOMELON displays strong moral values, and the entire show centers around family and love. The parents and grandparents are great examples for JJ and his siblings. Many of the songs are silly or simple rhymes, but a lot of them are educational or serve a practical or moral purpose. The production is unique in that it is very much oriented toward young children in nearly every consideration—even including angles and perspectives from a toddler’s eye view.

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The Jim Henson Company’s animated show for preschoolers, WORD PARTY, features four animal toddlers in their preschool-like environment. Together, they learn basic concepts, like how to identify objects and how to pronounce new words. They sometimes squabble or get silly, but education and learning to share or care for others are at the heart of each episode.

The show displays a lot of Biblical morals, one of the biggest being empathy. The animals learn the right way to respond and behave and discover why kindness and other values are important. WORD PARTY introduces concepts at very basic levels so that a preschooler can understand. It also subtly encourages responsibility and caution. If one toddler offends someone, they always apologize, and the others forgive them.

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Originally a YouTube channel series, BLIPPI’S ADVENTURES takes youngsters on virtual field trips to places like waterparks, museums and race car tracks. The show’s host, Blippi, is full of energy and loves to learn and explore fun places. He is a real-life guy who is like an adult-sized kid—he enjoys everything that most kids do.

BLIPPI’S ADVENTURES is one of the few Netflix kids’ shows that has real-life actors and ordinary people instead of animated ones. The show’s top two values are curiosity and fun. However, Blippi is usually focused a little more on interacting with or learning about a place or object than interacting with others, but when he does, he is polite and kind. He is always very safety-conscious, as is emphasized whenever he buckles a seat belt or walks slowly by a pool. The show is designed to keep young viewers engaged with high energy and fun themes, with a bit of learning thrown in here and there.

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ALVINNN!!! AND THE CHIPMUNKS is an animated show that comically displays the mischievous nature of Alvin the chipmunk, his two brothers and their human step-in dad, Dave. Alvin is a cocky thrill-seeking kid with big ideas, which often gets him and his brothers, Simon and Theodore, into sticky circumstances.

Though it can be fun to see what trouble the chipmunk trio gets into, the show isn’t all about mischief-making. It displays a few wholesome values, too. The chipmunks often rally together to help Dave or a friend in need, occasionally showing compassion to their enemies or strangers as well. And Dave usually serves as a good role model for his chipmunk children, providing them with a lot of love and care.

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