5 Wow Moments at the 2019 Movieguide® Awards

5 Wow Moments at the 2019 Movieguide® Awards

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

On Monday evening, the long-awaited Movieguide® Awards aired on the Hallmark Channel. There were a lot of laughs, tears of joy and many other exciting moments. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t able to tune in.

  1. THE GRINCH co-director talks about the power of forgiveness

Dr. Seuss’ THE GRINCH tells the story of a jaded character whose heart is callous towards the Christmas season. We’ve seen many on-screen renditions of the classic Christmas tale, but the most recent version by Illumination Entertainment captures the Grinch’s transformation into a loving and understanding character. While expressing his gratitude for being honored, co-director Yarrow Cheney exclaimed, “[Dr. Seuss] showed us how grace and forgiveness can change a person’s heart and bring them back.”

  1. Neal McDonough applauds the celebration of faith

Neal McDonough (PROJECT BLUE BOOK) and Penny Johnson Gerald (THE ORVILLE) presented the Grace Award for television at the ceremony. However, before explaining the award, McDonough used his time on stage to recognize the rarity of such an event. From the stage, he acknowledged Movieguide® founder Ted Baehr and stated, “Ted you’ve given us artists a forum to talk about and celebrate what we do, but more importantly to celebrate our faith.” In addition to acting, McDonough is also a father of five and loving husband to his wife Ruvé.

  1. Jean Smart reminds audiences, “there’s no delete button on your brain”

Jean Smart took home the Grace Award for acting for her performance as Charlie in A SHOE ADDICT’S CHRISTMAS. During her acceptance speech, she spoke about her two children and the message she taught them about media discernment. “I still tell my kids… you’re the only person who can decide what person you’re going to be.” She continued that what we watch stays in our brain forever, stating, “there is no delete button on your brain… like on a computer… and I think it makes a difference.”

  1. Jon Voight declares “We are all made in God’s image”

Actor Jon Voight presented the Grace Award for Movies alongside Jean Smart (A SHOE ADDICT’S CHRISTMAS). Before unveiling the winner, Voight took a moment to echo the words in Genesis saying, “we are all made in God’s image.” How right he is!

  1. Jim Caviezel gave his award to co-star James Faulkner

Caviezel adopted a posture of humility when he bequeathed his award for his performance as Luke in PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST to his co-star James Faulkner, who played Paul. In his opening remarks during his speech, he recounted the power that biblical epics had on him when he was younger. He said, “still to this day, I remember the impact of watching the 1959 version of BEN-HUR.” Speaking of the power of movies, he recalls how they gave him the ability “to transport, to reaffirm me of my purpose and to redirect my hope and belief that movies can really make a difference.” Wrapping up he said, “my performance in this film would’ve been incomplete without the great James Faulkner…his ability to transcend and let God’s light come through him… is the reason I am giving this award to him.” Shocked and thankful, Faulkner joined Caviezel on stage and stated, “this film is about love and forgiveness and Jimmy’s just shown me the most extraordinary love that any actor can show another actor.”