Abortion – The Great Moral Divide

Only about one-third of Americans take a strong stand when it comes to abortion, according to the Barna Research Group.

A recent survey of 1,001 adults by Barna shows that 19% of Americans believe the practice should be illegal in all cases while 15% want abortion to be legal in all cases. Regrettably, however, 49% prefer keeping abortion legal in most or all cases while 42% would like to make it illegal in most or all cases.

Interestingly, 78% of Christian evangelicals believe abortion should be illegal in most or all cases while 72% of atheists and agnostics support keeping it legal, which objectively proves the incredible moral depravity and great intellectual idiocy of both atheism and agnosticism.

According to Barna, “Born again Republicans (72%) were among the most ardent critics of abortion. Born again independents also favored making abortion illegal (58%), while born again Democrats were split between those who were for (47%) and against (47%) the practice.”

Nominal Christians (those who are not born again or evangelical) and those in Non-Christian religions favored keeping abortion legal: 53% versus 36% of Nominal Catholics, 53% versus 40% on Nominal Protestants in mainline churches and 54% versus 42% of Non-Christian faiths.

These last numbers show that Bible-believing Christians who are born again and/or evangelical are indeed more moral when it comes to important social issues like abortion than those Christians and Non-Christians who are not Bible-believing, born again or evangelical.

Thus, believing in the Bible and trusting in the regeneration and renewal that comes through the power of the Holy Spirit when you trust in the Good News of Jesus Christ, who died for your sins, will indeed deliver you from your sins.

Although other surveys indicate young self-described Christians seem to be drifting away from the theological truths and practices of traditional Christianity, this abortion survey indicates they retain similar positions on abortion as older Christians.

In fact, those aged 18 to 25 are among the most resistant to abortion among all categories of people in the Barna survey.

Abortion is a great evil. It tortures and then kills little unborn babies who have the potential to make great contributions to our society.

If you truly care about children, and if you truly claim to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then you should strongly favor making abortion illegal in most or all cases. Please don’t accept the lies and falsehoods in the mass media about this very important issue. And, please support pro-life organizations like MOVIEGUIDE®, the National Right to Life Committee and Concerned Women for America.

For more information about the issue of abortion, see DEFENDING LIFE: A MORAL AND LEGAL CASE AGAINST ABORTION CHOICE by Francis J. Beckwith, (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

– Source: Barna Research Group, 06/14/10.