Acclaimed Actress Faye Dunaway Opens Up About Her Faith


Acclaimed Actress Faye Dunaway Opens Up About Her Faith

Hollywood icon Faye Dunaway, in a recent interview with Today, opened up about her Catholic faith, as well as her role in the faith-based movie based on the best-selling book by Lee Strobel, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, released this April.

Faye Dunaway began her silver screen career in 1967 with the counter-culture comedy, THE HAPPENING. That same year, she rose to stardom, playing the titular criminal, Bonnie Parker, in Arthur Penn’s BONNIE AND CLYDE. Some of her most notable performances include femme fatale Evelyn Mulwray in CHINATOWN (1974), and corrupt television executive, Diana Christensen, in NETWORK (1976). For the 50th anniversary of BONNIE AND CLYDE, she reunited with co-star Warren Beatty to announce the Best Picture Award at the 89th Academy Awards, which famously ended in a great deal of confusion due to a mix-up of envelopes.

Dunaway told Today, “I became aware of this genre about a year or two ago, and I told my agent to look out for projects that I could do, because I’ve been a devout Catholic since the beginning of my career.”

In THE CASE FOR CHRIST, Dunaway plays Dr.  Roberta Waters, an agnostic professor of psychology, who Lee Strobel (portrayed by Mike Vogel), turns to for advice on his quest to disprove the claims of the resurrection of Christ. While a skeptic herself, Dr. Waters pushes Strobel’s investigation toward the conclusion that the resurrection of Christ is a historical reality.

Concerning the ideas of her character, Dunaway says, “I don’t think (everyone should be) necessarily a skeptic, but you can investigate a lot, and you will be enriched by it.”

Faye Dunaway stated that her faith and devotion have brought her a lot of comfort throughout her life. She is very devoted to the practice of her belief.

“I try to go to mass every day,” she says. “I get inspired; I feel better about everything; and, I pray a lot.”

As for her future goals, Dunaway hopes to continue to be involved in exciting, new acting projects.

“It’s what I do,” she says. “It’s what I was born to do. It’s what I’ve studied to do. It’s what I’m happiest doing.”

Perhaps more faith-based movies are in store for this talented, legendary actress.

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