Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart Put Family First After Near-Death Car Crash

Photo via Kevin Hart on Instagram

Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart Put Family First After Near-Death Car Crash

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Actor/comedian Kevin Hart said that his near-death car wreck forced him to re-prioritize his family.

“The accident was the best eye-opening experience ever,” said Hart. “I was married to my career and dating my family.”

The wreck occurred in fall 2019 and made Hart pivot and focus on what really matters.

Hart remembered thinking, “I’m all about this work and all about this hustle. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a good thing, but after a certain point you got to prioritize accordingly. When you get to a certain point where the decisions that can be made are a little more controlled and you have the ability to maneuver differently because of the success that you’ve obtained, make those adjustments. [Before the accident] I didn’t make those adjustments I was still [just] hustle hustle hustle.”

Hart, 40, has three children and a baby on the way with his wife, Eniko Hart.

Hart tries to keep his office hours to a minimum in order to be there for his loved ones.

He said, “I’m gonna try my best to do my part. I’m gonna try my best to grow.”

During the People’s Choice Awards, Hart publicly thanked God for his blessings, post-wreck.

Although Hart uses foul language and lewd humor to get laughs sometimes, the Philly-born star has also done some more family-friendly roles like THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS.


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