Al Roker and His Daughter Announce New Family Cookbook

Photo from Al Roker’s Instagram

Al Roker and His Daughter Announce a New Family Cookbook

By Movieguide® Contributor

Al Roker and his daughter Courtney, a professional chef and recipe developer, announced they are releasing a new cookbook: Al Roker’s Recipes to Live By.

“This is truly a labor of love to be able to create a record and a cookbook with my daughter Courtney of all the recipes that mean the most to me and my family,” Roker told TODAY.com. “And, bonus: She did all the work!”

A sneak peek at some of the recipes in the book includes Sunrise Burritos, Shrimp and Grist with Bell Peppers and Bacon, Smothered Chicken, Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls, and Bourbon Apple Pie Milkshakes.

“In this book, you can expect to find recipes that we personally cherish, whether they were passed down in our family or discovered during our culinary adventures together,” Courtney told TODAY.com. “We’ve poured our hearts into crafting dishes that reflect our shared love for cooking and our cultural heritage.”

“My goal is for any home cook, from beginners to seasoned chefs, to experience the joy and satisfaction of creating delicious meals and to inspire you to make your own kitchen memories,” she added.”

Al Roker’s Recipes to Live By is available now for preorder and will become available on October 15th.

Amazingly Courtney worked on the cookbook while she was pregnant with Roker’s first grandchild, Sky. In a year muddled with numerous health complications, Sky has proven to be a highlight for Roker and an inspiration to fight through the surgeries and the doctors’ visits.

“I’m doing great, doing great. I tell you, the thing that’s kept me going is I’ve had a new granddaughter,” he toldEntertainment Tonight last November after going into surgery for blood clots. “If I had known [Grandchildren] were this much fun, I would’ve had them first. It’s the best.

Roker also recently celebrated his first Father’s Day as a grandfather, an experience he cherished greatly.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Ahead of Father’s Day, Al Roker shared his plans for the first celebration since becoming a grandparent — a role he has enjoyed for almost a year.

“The best part of Father’s Day this year is that I’m a grandfather,” Roker told TODAY. “It’s pure joy. There’s no responsibility, other than you want them to be safe and happy. I don’t have to teach her anything.”

“We sit. We talk,” Roker continued, explaining the things he likes to do with his granddaughter. “We just got the baby life preserver. We’re going out on the pontoon boat.”

“I just had this block set that was Leila’s and Nick’s later. I had this guy sand them down, clean them up,” Roker added, describing a gift he recently gave. “This past weekend she was playing with them. It was like: The circle remains unbroken.”

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