Alveda King, Kathie Lee Gifford Duet for New Christian Single ‘Your Way Yahweh’

Photo from Alveda King’s Instagram

Alveda King, Kathie Lee Gifford Duet for New Christian Single ‘Your Way Yahweh’

By Movieguide® Staff

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., and Emmy award-winning entertainer Kathie Lee Gifford collaborated on a new single, “Your Way Yahweh.”

“In a day where chaos and uncertainty are abundant, I wanted to write a song that brings people back to the foundation of who God is,” King told The Christian Post. “I long for people to know God and to experience the incredible greatness of living a life built upon His foundation.”

The 67-year-old Gifford and 70-year-old King hope that their song will bring people together and focus on Christ.

“What a joy to be invited to join Alveda on such a worshipful and hopeful song,” Gifford said. “She is a treasure and a beautiful sister in Christ.”

“[It] shows us that we as people can come together,” King added. “Now we just have to really learn how to say, ‘your way, Yahweh. Are we going to stop doing it our way and start doing it God’s way?”

The two artists alternate singing the song’s verses and then combine their voices for the chorus of “Have your way Yahweh.”

“Call His name and find salvation/Call His name/Call His name today,” King sings in the first verse. Gifford sings in the second verse: “Forgive our sins and heal our land/Oh Lord redeem us and sets us free.”

King, who is a pro-life activist, was awarded the 2021 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gifford recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her influence in the entertainment industry. Gifford thanked God and the support of her fans for her long and successful career.

“I don’t see you, but I sense you with me, because you’ve been with me all these decades in this incredible industry, and you have rewarded me in so many ways with your faith in me, your prayers for me, your love for me,” Gifford said during the virtual ceremony.

“I look back on it in awe and wonder that God blessed me so much to be able to make my living doing what I love to do, which is what my daddy taught me. But more than that, that you all stayed with me through everything, every trial, every tribulation, every joyful moment as well,” she added.

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