Amazon Backtracks, Unbans Book That Helps Parents Rescue Kids from Transgenderism

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Amazon Backtracks, Unbans Book That Helps Parents Rescue Kids from Transgenderism

By Movieguide® Staff

As the conversation surrounding gender and sex grows increasingly hostile, Amazon has begun to ban books seeking to inform parents about transgenderism and gender ideology.

While Amazon reversed a recent decision to ban “Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler.

Amazon’s decision, which they would later label as an “error,” comes only weeks after the company removed Ryan Anderon’s book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.” The book has not been returned to the platform, despite its availability for purchase on Amazon the previous two years.

In the recent incident, Keffler revealed that Amazon blocked her book from being sold just six days after its publication, without warning or explanation.

“We fully expected it to happen. We knew it was going to. We decided to launch it on multiple platforms because we expected it to be canceled. And so that’s why we also put it on Smashwords as well as Lulu, a print platform,” Keffler, the co-founder of the recently-formed Partners for Ethical Care, told the Christian Post.

Amazon later sent Keffler an email explaining away the situation as an “error.” According to Keffler, “a calling and emailing onslaught may have affected the outcome” as “lots and lots of people were contacting Amazon to complain.”

Although Keffler’s book is now available for purchase, the author claims that Big Tech wants to silence any critical voices speaking out against the transgender ideology.

Keffler also notes that the popularity of transgender literature has become an established trend.

“There are hundreds of these trans books out there and there’s a lot of money in it… this is a huge money-maker for the medical industry. I think there’s a lot of unconscionable profiteering going on,” Keffler said.

Subsequently, parents are looking for resources on the subject of transgenderism and the medicalization of gender.

“We talk to new parents all the time and several support groups for parents on social media, and there’s just more and more of an influx of them coming in. It’s heartbreaking. Honestly, I’ve felt this way about the book for almost a week now, and every time someone buys it my heart hurts a little bit because I know that this is another family that’s been impacted by this,” Keffler said.

“I think a critical mass is growing and people are going to realize that this isn’t just a trend with bad families or people who don’t parent well or some weird sub-set. This is actively being strategically put in our schools and on social media.”

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