BACHELOR Contestant Declares She’s ‘Saving Herself For Marriage’

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BACHELOR Contestant Declares She’s ‘Saving Herself For Marriage’

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

*Spoiler alert: The following content contains spoilers for the Feb. 10 episode of THE BACHELOR.*

Madison Prewett, 23, declared on Monday night’s episode of THE BACHELOR that she is “saving herself for marriage” because of her Christian faith. The faith-filled statement is unusual, as most contestants on the show indulge in pre-marital sexual activities.

“Faith is more than just this passed down thing to me, it’s literally my whole life and all of who I am,” Prewett told Bachelor Peter Weber on their one on one date in Peru.

Weber verbally affirmed her honesty and said that he was raised in a Christian home and went to a Christian school but often struggles with his faith.

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Prewett wanted to clear the air about her expectations and hope for a life-long partner.

“I want, in a marriage, someone who also has that relationship with the Lord and loves that about me and wants to raise a family in that way,” Prewett continued. “I do want to know that we’re able to be on the same page with that and push each other in that way and grow in that way together.”

Bachelor nation fans have speculated that Prewett, who’s from Alabama, would be a frontrunner in the show, as she was the first contestant to receive a date with Weber. During that date, Weber took her to meet his family as his parents renewed their wedding vows.

On Monday’s episode, Weber told Prewett that he was “falling in love” with her, something he hasn’t said to one of the contestants this season.

The teaser for the next episode showed that Prewett’s desire for Weber to not have sex with the other women could make or break their relationship.

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THE BACHELOR and related shows have seen plenty of Christian contestants come and go. Notably, Sean and Catherine Lowe, who are now parents of three children, did not have sex before their marriage.


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