BACHELOR Stars’ Virginity to be a Key Storyline in New Season

BACHELOR Stars’ Virginity to be a Key Storyline in New Season

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Colton Underwood, an ex-NFL tight end, is the newest subject of the popular reality TV show THE BACHELOR. Underwood first appeared as a contestant on season 14 of THE BACHELORETTE, hoping to woo Becca Kufrin to the altar. He didn’t win her heart, but instead became a big topic of conversation as audiences were shocked to learn that he’s a virgin.

In typical BACHELOR fashion, producers select one of the losing contestants to headline the next season of the series. In recent days, THE BACHELOR revealed this seasons poster which features Underwood in a tux with a tagline in the upper righthand corner that reads, “What does he have to lose?”

THE BACHELOR also released a trailer for the show’s season that showcases 26-year-old Underwood galivanting around with adorable golden retriever puppies as a narrator comments, “Colton’s looking for more than just puppy love….”

THE BACHELOR is no stranger to raunchy content so it’s no surprise something like a contestant’s virginity is taking center stage. Producers seem to be teasing audiences with his virginity to get their ratings and posing Underwood’s decision to abstain as a key storyline as he gets to know the new female contestants. However, from the fun-loving tone of the trailer, perhaps the new bachelor isn’t afraid to share his life with millions of people.

In a special segment during Underwood’s time on THE BACHELORETTE, Underwood expressed how growing up as an athlete, he had to work through negative comments about his decision to not have sex. He also stated that discussing that part of his life on national TV was “something that was the hardest thing for me to do in my entire life.” He added, “it’s sad that it’s viewed as baggage.” Many people shamed him for his decision to abstain from sex before marriage, yet, Underwood responded on Twitter, shaking off the online trolls.

Although Underwood claims to be a Christian, he said on the show that he isn’t necessarily waiting for marriage, just for “when the time comes, it’ll happen.”

This isn’t the first time THE BACHELOR has used a contestant virginity as a storyline. Back in 2013, Sean Lowe, a Christian bachelor, starred in his own season. When the series was getting down to the final women, audiences watched Lowe as he chose to forgo the “fantasy suite,” which is normally an opportunity for the final couples to spend a night together in a private hotel room. Now, five years after his season aired, Lowe and his wife Catharine, who he met on the show, are also one of the longest standing couples from the reality series. The couple also doesn’t shy away from discussions about abstaining from sex before their nuptials. Lowe recalled the controversy surrounding his sex life, “I don’t know if anyone’s found Jesus through me talking about not having sex, but I think now it’s certainly more evident than ever that I love Jesus, and I’m different because I love Jesus.”

As Underwood’s season premieres on January 7th, we’ll have to see how the show plays out to see if the reality series continues to unnecessarily berate this storyline even more.

If nothing else, we know that the topic of virginity undoubtedly rocks audiences because abstaining from sex before marriage is completely counter-cultural. So, while we would hope that Underwood stands on his faith as the foundation for this decision, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see people in the limelight choosing to live differently.

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