Ben Higgins Apologizes for ‘Lack of Wisdom and Maturity’ During His BACHELOR Season

Photo via Ben Higgins Instagram

Ben Higgins Apologizes for ‘Lack of Wisdom and Maturity’ During His BACHELOR Season

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Former BACHELOR Ben Higgins’ season re-aired as episode three of THE BACHELOR THE GREATEST SEASONS – EVER. During an interview with one of his former suitors, Higgins apologized for his actions while on the show.

Host Chris Harrison caught up with Olivia Cardi, who was deemed that season’s villain, to talk about her experience on the show and how that subsequently affected her life after THE BACHELOR.

She detailed she completely “self-destructed” on the show while trying to force a relationship with Higgins when she knew it wasn’t meant to be.

At the end of the interview, Harrison said someone wanted to speak to her in person.

Enter Higgins.

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He popped up on the video chat to take responsibility for his behavior and how he should’ve handled the situation surrounding her.

“I guess the whole reason I wanted to talk to you tonight and talk to anybody out there watching is, I don’t know if you remember this, Olivia, but on night one – and my only request and my only hope was if all else failed, that everybody that participated in this experience left saying they’re glad they did it,” he said.

“And as I look back on that time, I think my lack of wisdom and maturity in standing up for you publicly while I knew this was hard for you. I think the way I navigated the confrontations and the issues on the show could have been better to help you. But mostly I just wanted to speak to you and say ‘I’m sorry.’”

He continued,

“And then also, anybody watching this, to say, ‘Come on. This girl is a rock star. She laid her heart on the line for love and she tried her best. And you know what? Yes, it didn’t come off perfectly all the time, but none of us did.’ And that’s the beauty of the show is we lay our hearts out there and we do things to make people laugh and to join in on this experience and that’s what Olivia did. And so if we can’t wrap our arms around Olivia and say, ‘Well done, and we’ll lift you up, and we’re just happy you did this,’ then you’re crazy. So, Olivia, I’m sorry. I take responsibility for this, but I also just wanna tell everybody how awesome you are.”

Since the show ended, Higgins and his then fiancé Lauren Bushnell, now Lauren Lane as she married country singer Chris Lane, ended their relationship.

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Higgins is now happily engaged to Jessica Clarke, a Tennessee native.

Higgins and Clarke are both outspoken about their faith and have decided to abstain from sex until marriage.