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BLUE BLOODS Airing On UPtv This Fourth Of July!

Photo from Blue Bloods on CBS Instagram

BLUE BLOODS Airing On UPtv This Fourth Of July!

By Movieguide® Staff

Fans of BLUE BLOODS are getting another way to watch the police family drama. The show’s first seven seasons are set to start airing on UPtv this Fourth of July weekend!

“As a family procedural, we’re looking forward to bringing this hit show to our viewers as we know our audience will connect with the series’ universal themes of family unity, loyalty, and law and order,” said Hector Campos, vice president, content strategy and programming at UPtv. 

He continued, “Tom Selleck leads an incredible ensemble cast who prove in every episode that their dedication to the law is unwavering and is built on the foundation of their love for each other. Our programming is dedicated to relatable stories about relationships filled with love and laughter, and this series is right in the sweet spot.”

BLUE BLOODS fans can tune in to UPtv for the marathon at 5 p.m. ET. The show will start airing regularly on the network as well, from Monday through Wednesday 8 p.m. ET – midnight ET, Thursdays 10 p.m. ET – midnight ET and Saturdays 8 p.m. ET – 3 a.m. ET.

BLUE BLOODS’ episodes have received favorable reviews from Movieguide®. “Hold Outs”s review reads

The “Hold Outs” episode of the BLUE BLOODS television series involves three stories that play well off each other. Jamie Reagan and his partner are investigating a series of gang muggings targeting senior citizens living in a neighborhood of apartment buildings. Meanwhile, Jamie’s older sister, Erin, is assigned a carjacking murder case that’s just ended in a hung jury. While swearing in a young police officer, whose life he saved as a baby, their father, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, answers questions from the press. They want to know why the re-elected mayor has yet to ask Frank to continue as police chief.

All the separate plots in BLUE BLOODS: Hold Outs are compelling. They also have compelling twists. The writing, direction, editing, and acting are excellent. Even better, all the stories are held together by a strong Christian, Pro-American, moral worldview. Included are positive references to Jesus, prayer and studying the Bible for solutions to personal problems. Also, positive police work is extolled. “Hold Outs” does contain some foul language and references to immoral behavior, however. So, caution is advised for older children.