BLUE MIRACLE, Dennis Quaid’s Latest Inspiring Movie, Will Hit Netflix This Month

Screenshot from Netflix’s Official Trailer – ‘Blue Miracle’ on YouTube

BLUE MIRACLE, Dennis Quaid’s Latest Inspiring Movie, Will Hit Netflix This Month

By Movieguide® Staff

Netflix will drop BLUE MIRACLE, starring Dennis Quaid, on May 27, 2021. 

BLUE MIRACLE is the inspiring true story about Casa Hogar in Mexico and their battle to survive after Hurricane Odile hit the Baja California peninsula in 2014.

“To save their cash-strapped orphanage, a guardian and his kids partner with a washed-up boat captain for a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition,” the Netflix synopsis reads

Quaid and co-star Jimmy Gonzalez are joined by Anthony Gonzalez, Raymond Cruz, Nathan Arenas, Miguel Angel Garcia, Isaac Arellanes, Steve Gutierrez, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Fernanda Urrejola, Silverio Palacios, and Bruce McGill.

Several notable Christians are involved with the project, including RUN THE RACE‘s Chris Dowling as co-writer.

Director and co-writer Julio Quintana previously directed THE VESSEL.

According to the Movieguide® review,

THE VESSEL is a very sacramental movie with a strong Christian worldview. When a tidal wave kills the children in a Caribbean fishing village, the town loses all hope. A young man named Leo gets drunk with his friend and drowns. However, Leo seemingly resurrects. The priest believes this is a sign from God. Leo is a kind and giving person. In despair, he builds a boat to sail away, but the town turns against him and burns his boat. The deeper problem is that Leo’s mother tried to save his brother from drowning years before and not him. She rejects Leo when all he wants is her love.

THE VESSEL is full of Christian symbolism and allegory. It is clear by the end that love is the answer. Many counterfeit forms of love are revealed to be counterfeit. Even the priest has to rediscover his faith. Overall, the acting and direction is very good. Regrettably, the priest uses foul language and questions his faith. Overall, THE VESSEL is artistic but entertaining and worth watching. It is very lyrical and very compelling.

People Magazine reports that Christian music label Reach Records exclusively produced the soundtrack, which will feature artists including Lecrae, GAWVI, WHATUPRG & 1K Phew

Movieguide® has yet to review BLUE MIRACLE, but be sure to check back on our site before it premieres on Netflix, globally, on May 27.