Box Office Numbers Show Audiences Still Care About Classic Movies

Box Office Numbers Show Audiences Still Care About Classic Movies

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

If you’re the type of person that feels like Hollywood just “doesn’t make them like they used to,” this news will encourage you!

Fathom Events has a variety of categories for audiences to see a wide range of movies and movie events from the ballet, opera and even faith-based movies such as STEVE MCQUEEN AMERICAN ICON and the recent documentary PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE MOSES CONTROVERSY. Fathom also works in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to bring beloved classics back to the silver screen. Since the beginning of the year, these classics have generated over $5 million at the box office from limited event releases, and show that audiences across the country still care about classic movies.

On March 20, 2019 Fathom announced their box office numbers. “The results were led by the 80th anniversary of GONE WITH THE WIND which grossed $2.23 million in just six nationwide screenings across four dates, setting a record as the highest-grossing classic film for Fathom Events and the event cinema industry. The previous record was set in January by Fathom and another Warner Bros. milestone from 1939, THE WIZARD OF OZ.”

Fathom’s VP of Studio Relations Tom Lucas shared his excitement, “just a few months into 2019, our classic film vertical has far exceeded our expectations and driven phenomenal results, proving that audiences really love experiencing these magical movies on the big screen.”

Upcoming classics from Fathom include TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE KARATE KID, Charlton Heston in BEN-HUR, STEEL MAGNOLIAS with Dolly Parton and Sally Field, and TRUE GRIT with John Wayne.

Are you a fan of classic movies? If so, tell us some of your favorites in the comments section!


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