BREAKTHROUGH Actor Tackles EVIL in New Role as Priest in Training

Photo courtesy of Mike Colter on Instagram

BREAKTHROUGH Actor Tackles EVIL in New Role as Priest in Training

By Jessilyn Lancaster

Mike Colter (BREAKTHROUGH) plays a priest in training in the upcoming CBS drama, EVIL. The show, by executive producers Robert and Michelle King, will attempt to dissect the tension between faith and science through a courtroom setting.

“I always find that every character I play has a little bit of me in it, whether I’m choosing to acknowledge it or not, because any well-written character has something that’s grounded in realism, something that if you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced,” Colter said at a Television Critics Association Panel for EVIL.

Colter previously played Tommy Shine in BREAKTHROUGH. He’s also the lead in LUKE CAGE on Netflix.

Movieguide® rated BREAKTHROUGH as +1 and called it “Worthwhile.”

For EVIL, Colter will play a priest in training who specializes in exorcisms and investigating demonic influences on crimes. He takes the role opposite Katja Herbers, who will play a psychiatrist who determines if alleged criminals are mentally capable of taking the stand.

“We have so many ideas that are not the same, that we could talk about it for the entire episode,” Colter said.

“But we are sort of drawn to each other because we disagree.  Maybe there’s some sort of chemistry thing there that may or may not play out.  I’m not sure, but what we love about it is it’s an intellectual debate.  It’s very stimulating.  It’s very intriguing.  I think my character picked her because she has a sweet face…. …  But, also, she’s a very smart scientist, she’s very strong, she’s very assertive, and she knows what she’s talking about.  I think he builds his team based off of people who are really qualified.  I think that ultimately it will take some time to sort of figure out how this relationship and dynamic works,” Colter says.

The show was the brainchild of the Kings, the same couple behind shows including THE GOOD FIGHT and THE GOOD WIFE.

The couple said the show concept stemmed from a long-running debate within their own marriage: how much evil in this world is spiritual, and how much is psychological?

“We are trying to avoid exorcism of the week,” Robert King said. “…The second episode is about miracles.  It’s about those question marks in life that you don’t quite know how they happen, a school where all the girls at the school start laughing, and it seems to be almost viral.  … I would say the other thing is you’re looking at life, and you’re seeing evil, not with a capital ‘E’ but with a small ‘e,’ the boss who throws things at his employees: Where does that fit in?

“So that is really what our people are about is just figuring out what is genetically based villainy, if you want to use that word instead of evil, and what is something that’s even bigger, something more supernatural?  But also, looking at hope,” Robert King continued.

While EVIL may discuss religion and the supernatural, the trailer portrayed many scary moments. A Christian worldview is seen, however, as Colter’s character gives Herbers’ character a cross to ward off demons.

The show premieres Sept. 26. Please check back on Movieguide® for the full review.

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