Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘One Step Closer’ Bible Sells Out on Amazon

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘One Step Closer’ Bible Sells Out on Amazon

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress Candace Cameron Bure’s One Step Closer Bible topped the best-selling charts and sold out on Amazon shortly after its release.

“Wow!!! My new One Step Closer Bible is #1 in Christian Faith books on Amazon right now!!” Bure shared on Instagram. “I’m freaking out excited that so many of you want to read God’s word, dig deeper and know His truth. God’s word will never return void. Isaiah 55:11 Go God!!!”

Fore Bure, the success is not her own.

“So many people are reading the word of God and that just excites my heart so much,” Bure said.

As of Feb. 19, the One Step Closer Bible is listed as a No. 1 New Release.

Bure teamed with DaySpring to create the One Step Closer Bible that has:

  • 8 Full color pages in the front matter include a special introduction and Q&A session with Candace Cameron Bure where she shares the importance of her Christian faith and answers the questions she is most frequently asked about Christianity.
  • The Help Finder index is the heart of the One Step Closer Bible providing easy topical references to thousands of Bible verses with additional notes on more than 100 key topics important and relevant for your life today.
  • Application Notes with nearly 500 in-text application notes on specific needs to help you understand how the God’s truths in scripture apply to your life and circumstances personally.
  • Each book of the bible includes and introduction with an outline of the book with key verses and helps you focus on the themes addressed in that book.
  • Plus, it’s also a Bible promise book with 177 callouts that highlight God’s promises for you.

Bure announced the Bible to her nearly 5 million followers on Instagram: “Each and every word is inspired. That means breathed out by God Himself.”

Bure is passionate about her faith and wants to share it with others through the written word. In 2019, the actress released a devotional in the Christian Standard Bible translation. The One Step Closer Bible is in the New Living Translation.

“This one I specifically, with my DaySpring team, designed and created it for new believers, or people that just haven’t picked up the Bible in a long time and it feels overwhelming. It feels like a foreign language to you, you don’t know where to start,” Bure said. “I made this for you. But if you’re a seasoned Christian, meaning you’ve been walking in faith for a long time, this Bible still for you [too], because it’s the Bible! It’s the whole Bible Old and the New Testament.”

Amazon lists the Bible for $99.