Chris Pratt: ‘Let’s Keep the Fire of Patriotism Burning’

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Chris Pratt: ‘Let’s Keep the Fire of Patriotism Burning’

By Movieguide® Contributor

A week after his speech from Pepperdine University’s 9/11 Waves of Flags ceremony, Chris Pratt reminded followers to not let the effects of 9/11 fade.

“Let’s keep that fire of patriotism burning bright, honoring the sacrifices of those who stepped up in the face of adversity,” Pratt shared on X.

The call to action comes after Pratt inspired students at Pepperdine where he called for national unity and urged Americans to keep the tragedy in mind and understand what makes America great.

“I remember it so vividly. I stood there alone watching the television,” Pratt, who was in New Zealand during the attack, recalled. “I watched in horror as the second plane hit the tower. I watched the smoke, the devastation…I couldn’t believe my eyes…I stepped out and I fell to my knees and I cried and I cried.”

“In that moment, I gotta say, I felt—I felt really alone,” he continued. “I wanted to go home. I wanted to come back to America.”

Pratt explained that his mind immediately went to his brother, Cully, who was in the U.S. Army then.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, my brother’s going to go to war,’” he said. “I felt the tectonic plates of the earth shifting beneath my felt. I knew in that moment that the world I lived in was going to be totally different moving forward.”

While over two decades have passed since the attacks, Pratt shared that remembrance ceremonies—like Waves of Flag—are more important than ever because they remind us of the unity felt across the nation.

“Understanding this history means a future in which policy makers have the opportunity to take the lessons of the past and apply them going forward as wisdom,” Pratt said.

“We must remember,” the actor added. “We have to teach our children the lessons of 9/11 to rekindle the 9/11 effect and keep it alive. Faith, religion, love of our fellow citizen and patriotism grew from the ashes of that day.”

Addressing the college students in attendance, Pratt called them to step out of their self-absorbed worlds and consider the significance of the event that occurred before they were born.

“Perhaps they can have their focus expanded like mine was,” he said. “If I were 20 years old today and I [had] my head in TikTok and Instagram, I might be disillusioned…Maybe I’d need someone to tap me on the shoulder and tell me my country needs me…ignite my patriotism.”

“I feel called…to help other people better understand what’s at stake and to help comprehend what has and continues to make America the great shining beacon on the hill,” he added.

“Changing the hearts and minds of young people right now, who have either forgotten or maybe never truly knew just how great our country truly is,” Pratt continued. “We need each other, man. We’re on the same team. We’re the United States of America.”

In an X post, Pratt reinforced the message of his speech, saying, “In a world that sometimes feels divided, it’s crucial to remember that we are one nation, united under the same flag, indivisible. Let’s carry the torch forward, ensuring that the lessons of 9/11 continue to shape our future and inspire generations to come.”

Pepperdine’s Waves of Flags display honors “the lives lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, with nearly 3,000 flags in Alumni Park along Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon Road—one for each innocent victim, including a national flag for each foreign country that lost a citizen in the attack.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Chris Pratt commemorated 9/11 with an appearance at Pepperdine University’s Waves of Flag Ceremony.

“Today, let’s take a moment to remember and honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001. 🇺🇸 It’s a day that changed our world forever, but it also showed us the strength and resilience that define the American spirit,” Pratt said on Instagram.

“I had the honor of planting the last flag at the Waves of Flag Ceremony today at @Pepperdine. Each flag represents an innocent life lost on that day, including a national flag for each foreign country that lost a citizen in the attack,” he explained.

“As we look back on the events of that fateful day, let’s remember the heroes – the firefighters, police officers, first responders, and ordinary people who risked everything to help their fellow citizens. 🙏🏼 Their courage and selflessness continue to inspire us all,” he continued.

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