Christian Composer Stands Up For Faith in Hollywood

Photo from Aaron Fullan’s Instagram

Christian Composer Stands Up For Faith in Hollywood

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian composer and actor Aaron Fullan recently shared how his faith has impacted his work in the entertainment industry and what it has “cost” him.

His previous work includes compositions for ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY and the Angel Studios jingle, as well as acting in projects like SURPRISED BY OXFORD. 

Fullan spoke at the Christian Worldview Film Festival, sharing the “harsh reality” that can come from being “faithful to God’s calling in this industry.”

In 2017, Fullan was chosen to be the composer for a show from a major studio. He signed the contract, but once he received the script, Fullan said he knew he couldn’t be a part of the project.

“I started seeing something unfold [in the plot] that I absolutely knew I wasn’t going to participate in,” he shared. “I showed my wife. We looked at each other and I said, ‘I can’t do this.’”

Fullan pulled out, and one person on the team even asked him if he was “purposefully wrecking his career.” He responded that upholding his Christian faith was more important than furthering his career. 

He lost a second job at an internet browsing company after being told his social media activity made him “not a good fit” at the business. 

“I looked and looked and looked through my posts,” Fullan said of that time. “And the only thing that I could see that would have been potentially controversial was I’m very vocally pro-life. And extremely so on my social media.”

The company did not confirm his suspicions.

“This industry is often very anti-Christian depending on what circles you end up being in,” Fullan explained of his experiences. “If you commit to prioritizing God and His Word in your decision-making over worldly success, adulation of man, you will be faced with some difficult decisions. But again, you will also be blessed in unimaginable ways because the Lord sees your commitment to Him, and is honored by it.”

He then cited scriptures like Daniel 1 and 3, where people like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego discovered the different ways their faith was accepted and rejected by others. 

“Looking back on some of the events that I went through, I had to constantly remind myself of this: ‘Choose this day, whom you will serve’ – Joshua 24:15,” Fullan said. 

He continued, “That question needs to always be in your mind no matter what avenue of this industry you’re interested in. Because you’re going to be confronted with some difficult things.”

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