Colton Dixon Reveals How His Song Landed on SIGHT Soundtrack

Photo from Colton Dixon’s Instagram

Colton Dixon Reveals How His Song Landed on SIGHT Soundtrack

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian singer and songwriter Colton Dixon spoke on his journey to faith and the role his song “Rest of My Life” plays in Angel Studios’ new movie SIGHT.

Dixon shared with Movieguide® that he always loved music growing up. He came to Jesus when he was 7 years old but found faith for himself in high school.

“I grew up in church, so I feel like music was naturally all around me…I think at some point in everyone’s life, you have to make faith your own and stop riding off the coattails of someone else’s faith,” he said.

“Music became really personal to me, at kind of that 7-to-13 age, whenever I started playing piano and taking lessons and started singing for the first time and felt that that was one of my real connections to God,” he added.

Dixon also explained how recently his new single “Rest of my Life” came to be part of SIGHT.

“I’m so excited about this. It comes out this weekend — so so so excited,” Dixon said. “But this song, we weren’t planning on having it in a movie. We wrote it at the top of the year, and it was kind of just a reflection of when I came to faith and when I met Jesus and when Jesus met me and knowing that life was forever going to look different.”

He doesn’t know how Angel Studios heard the song, but they did and decided to use it in their movie.

“Then lo and behold, before we even released it, somehow Angel Studios heard the song,” Dixon continued. “Thankful to whoever made that connection, and they were like, ‘Hey, I think this really fits our film.’”

“I got to go to the premiere in Los Angeles last week, and it’s just a beautiful film and can’t wait for you guys to see it,” he said.

“SIGHT, starring Greg Kinnear and Terry Chen, follows the inspiring true story of Ming Wang, an impoverished Chinese prodigy who flees Communist China to become a pioneering eye surgeon in America,” a synopsis reads. “When tasked with restoring the sight of an orphan who was blinded by her step mother, he must confront the trauma of living through the violent uprising in his youth, the Cultural Revolution.”

Dixon shared how he had to opportunity to meet Ming Wang.

“I actually got to meet Dr. Ming Wang at the premiere, and even just speaking with him for the brief few moments that we had, just that one-on-one encounter with him, I was inspired. I knew that this man was a hard worker he was devoted to what he felt called to do. But also he just has an immense love for Jesus and that radiates off of him,” he reflected.

Movieguide® praised SIGHT’s “Very strong Christian, moral worldview.” Part of the review reads:

SIGHT is an inspiring true story with a strong Christian worldview. The movie extols faith, family life, prayer, hard work, and dedication to help others. The main character confronts the tragedy of his past, to better serve others in the present. Many flashbacks create some confusion and sometimes slow down the story’s momentum. Despite this, great writing, a remarkable story, strong acting, and likable characters make this movie a winner. There are some scary moments, however, including child-abuse, terrorism and beating. SIGHT also has adult thematic elements, a few light profanities, and a significant amount of whiskey drinking to help Dr. Wang forget his past. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children.

“It’s a surreal experience for any human being to have part of your life play out in front of you,” Dr. Wang told Movieguide®.

“Many young people mistakenly think that science and faith don’t work together. SIGHT is telling us otherwise,” he added. “Science and faith do work together.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Dixon’s song:

Colton Dixon has released his latest single, “Rest of My Life,” a track off of the soundtrack for Angel Studios’ upcoming SIGHT. 

“When I first heard ‘Rest of My Life,’ I instantly knew it was a fit for the film’s epilogue,” Ryan Svendsen, Angel Studios Head of Music, said of the song. “It is extremely rare for the spirit and lyrics of a song to be an uncanny match for a scene but the stars aligned beautifully with Colton’s track for SIGHT. We are honored to have Colton’s uplifting music bring out this important moment and we know that this song will be a reminder of not only the film but of the miracle that we are not confined by the things that we can physically see.”

Dixon added, “Sometimes when you write a song, it takes on a life of its own. After I experienced the film and got to meet Dr. Wang in person, the lyrics and cadence of the song took on a whole new meaning. I can’t wait for this song and the film to impact the world in a powerful way.”

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