Common Sense Always Prevails


Common Sense Always Prevails

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

As noted in many articles, I grew up in a very permissive but very loving home of two successful Broadway and Hollywood actors. By the time I was in Dartmouth College, I had tried everything, literally and figuratively. By the time I graduated from NYU Law School, I was a member of the far left National Lawyers Guild, where some of our meetings involved many people engaged in perversity, drugs, and alcohol all at the same time.

So, the question is, why did I abandon all of that “pleasure” which people now say I was genetically programmed to do? Ironically, recently I was asking the question, why did the Greeks abandon perverse sexual behavior in the Third Century BC? Why did the Romans abandon the perverse sexual behavior of Caligula? And, why did the Soviet communists abandon it early in their totalitarian reign?

These are very different and very opposed philosophies and ideologies, but the abandonment of all this sexual cavorting is not because it didn’t provide momentary pleasure, but because, ultimately, it was a dead end that promised more than it ever really delivered.

Now, I found what did deliver was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but many of these other cultures didn’t come to that point. However, what they did realize was that all of this sexual promiscuity was destroying their culture, their lives, and their future.

Certainly, this will happen in the West. The sexual liberationist’s so-called victory will come to an end. Many of them are intelligent enough to realize it doesn’t offer anything, and the few who aren’t will disappear into the deadly silence of despair.


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