Craig Morgan on Faith and His New Family TV Show

Craig Morgan on Faith and His New Family TV Show

By Evy Carrol, Creative Director

Sunny California is looking bright as country music artist Craig Morgan and his family walk into the small restaurant I am meeting them. With him is his daughter, Aly, toting her one-and-half-year-old, and the “nanny”, aka Grandma. This is a relief to me because I also have my five-month-old with me, as well as the “nanny”, aka Grandma. It’s a family affair, and most of the time, that’s how Craig prefers it.

“I had an outdoor show.” Craig explained, “I still do have an outdoor show. We’ve been all over the country. We’ve done something in every state in the Union. multiple other countries, hunting with me, fishing with me, kayaking, and skydiving. Everything that we did, we did together.”

People will get to follow these adventures on Craig’s new TV show MORGAN FAMILY STRONG on the UP-TV network.

Obviously, the theme of the show can’t just be the Morgan family going out kayaking. MORGAN FAMILY STRONG goes much deeper than that.

The show delves into the emotional pain of the family losing Craig’s son, Jerry. Craig said the show’s purpose is to spread the message that God is real, “even in a dark situation when you think there could not be a God.”

“For me,” he said, “there is nothing darker than losing a child, and even though we’re experiencing this horrible loss, we still feel God’s presence, and I know that He’s real. I live with the joy of knowing that I’ll see my son again in Heaven. My spirit has never been stronger. My relationship with God has never been stronger.”

After the loss of Jerry, Craig and his other sons took up woodcarving and opened a business selling their products.

“I started [the family business] because I thought it was a great opportunity for us to do something together, and to help us collectively cope with this loss, and share in that,” Craig said, “So that’s why I started the business. And, the show seemed like a natural progression of that business.”

After viewing a few episodes of the show, it is a natural progression, because the audience gets to see the family bond in hard times, work together and look towards God in the midst of everything.

Be sure to check out MORGAN FAMILY STRONG on UP-TV.