Emmys Surprisingly Nominates Family-Oriented Content

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Emmys Surprisingly Nominates Family-Oriented Content

By Movieguide® Staff

It has been seen over the years that positive and family-based content with redemptive elements do the best at the box office.

Moveguide® previously reported:

Although the pandemic put a halt to the standard theatrical rollout, several studios still dropped some of their movies into theaters — not just online. Especially recently, the movies with moral worldviews, family-friendly content, and Christian themes dominated the box office.

For example, THE MARKSMAN, WONDER WOMAN 1984, THE CROODS: A NEW AGE, and NEWS OF THE WORLD took the top 4 spots in the box office.

Despite this proven hypothesis, award shows typically lean into gratuitous content that appeals to a niche audience. However, with the recent Emmy nominations, some voting members may be beginning to see the appeal of inspirational content.

Deadline reported:

In total, WandaVision scored 23 noms to Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s five nominations. WandaVision‘s count was the second-most highest for this year behind The Crown and The Mandalorian‘s 24 nominations.

The insurgence of the call for more family content a shift in the industry continues to go towards a positive light.

The influence television and movies have on children and adult psyche makes it an unparalleled industry in the formation of the culture. Because of this, awards tend to be given based on a culture shift mindset rather than what is morally and fiscally beneficial.

Movieguide® previously reported:

According to an article entitled “More Sex, More Violence, More Troubled Kids,” author Kristen Fyfe confirms that TV shows are in fact portraying more graphic content. The Parent Television Council found “that portrayals of violence are up 75 percent since 1998. And, the violence portrayed is now a fundamental part of storylines, whereas in 1998 violence was incidental to plots. The study also found that violence is depicted more graphically than ever before.”

Families want to see movies together. They want to have the shared experience of the excitement of the dimmed lights, the smell of popcorn, the big screen, without the need to worry if what plays on screen will be detrimental to the little ears beside them.

As the continuation of movies with family content grows the desire for award shows like the Emmys to dip into that market will begin to grow.

Deadline reported:

Today’s Emmy noms for the MCU come in the wake of a big weekend for its feature Black Widow which grossed a combined $218M in its first day-and-date weekend from the global box office and Disney+ Premier PVOD. Also, the season finale for the third Disney+/Marvel series Loki, which isn’t eligible for this year’s Emmys, drops at midnight.

The nominations aid in proof that the Emmys and possibly other award shows are beginning to realize what Movieguide® has provided facts for throughout the years: Moral content attracts a wider audience.