First Two Episodes of THE CHOSEN Season 3 to Premiere In Theaters This Fall

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First Two Episodes of THE CHOSEN Season 3 to Premiere In Theaters This Fall

By Movieguide® Staff

THE CHOSEN creator Dallas Jenkins recently announced that the first two episodes of Season 3 would premiere in theaters on Nov. 18.

The crowd-funded series about the life of Jesus took audiences by storm in 2017, and now two full seasons and a theatrical Christmas special later boasts over 400M views, according to The Chosen App.

Despite their historic success, Jenkins said that he and the team behind THE CHOSEN have no intention of slowing down.

“I think every step of this has been following one of our theme verses, which is in Isaiah 43:19. It says, ‘Behold, I’m doing a new thing,’” he told Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Carroll. “Everything about THE CHOSEN has been a new thing. The way that it’s been distributed, the way that has been financed, the content itself, this isn’t going to be traditional. What can we do that maybe hasn’t been done before? The concept of putting our couple episodes in theaters, no TV show does that. But we’re like, why not?”

THE CHOSEN experimented with a theatrical release last year with their Christmas special, CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN, which became a box office success.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: THE MESSENGERS is a joyous, Gospel-focused celebration of advent and the true story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The filmmakers use song, Scripture and dramatic representations to stress the hope that Emmanuel, God With Us, brings to a weary, sinful world. This Christmas special will make viewers want to worship the greatness of God, rest in the mercy of Jesus, and look expectantly to the believer’s future peace with Him in heaven. The music and production in CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN are masterfully woven together to create a cohesive narrative that surely will stir many hearts this holiday season.

Jenkins said they discovered an appetite for theatrical content that they hope carries on with the upcoming Season 3 premiere.

“There’s an appetite here, so we’re going to debut Season 3, the first two episodes, in theaters and try something new and figure out something that we haven’t done before at this level,” he said. “If it works, we keep going. We’re going wherever God parts the seas towards.”

Although THE CHOSEN is approachable by all audiences—families, Christians, and non-Christians alike—Jenkins said that their goal is to present an authentic look into the life of Jesus and his disciples.

“That’s a key decision that we’ve made from the beginning is we’re pursuing authenticity,” he said. “Every human being has experienced that whether you’re following Jesus or not, life doesn’t necessarily become easier. You have to learn the difference between joy and happiness. Happiness comes sometimes when your favorite team wins a game. But when your child is very sick, or your marriage is in crisis, or you’re having a personal sin struggle and vice that you can’t seem to overcome no matter how much you pray, what then?”

“In Season 3, we dive into that more than we do even in the first two seasons,” Jenkins continued. “I think that those hard questions have to be asked, and when they’re not asked, and when they’re not pursued, I think the audience, particularly those who are outside the faith go, ‘Okay, I might be willing to accept this faith if I thought that it had something for me. But my struggles don’t seem to be answered by platitudes and by political protests, and by a nice, sweet movie that answers maybe a small question, but doesn’t answer my real heart’s cry. And that’s what we try to come after in season three, especially.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the success of CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN:

THE CHOSEN’s first-ever theatrical release, CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: THE MESSENGERS, broke box office records in its debut on Dec. 1 and became the bestselling Fathom Event release of all time.

The special event earned $8 million on opening night. It included a new episode of THE CHOSEN called THE MESSENGER and performances from prominent Christian artists such as Phil Wickham, Maverick City Music, The Bonner Family, and many more.

“We knew we had something special with this title,” Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events, said in a recent press release. “We are grateful for the passionate fans of The Chosen and our exhibitor partners who accommodated demand by adding showtimes and locations. We are all partners on this journey to claim the #1 spot as Fathom’s best-selling event, ever!”

In just the first 12 hours of availability, THE MESSENGERS recorded the fastest out-of-the-gate sales with $1.5 million.

“We don’t do this for the numbers, but these records indicate people will indeed go to the theater for a project they’re passionate about,” THE CHOSEN creator, writer, and director Dallas Jenkins said. “The enthusiastic comments from new and old fans give us confidence to do this again.”