Former NFL Star and Pro-Life Advocate Ben Watson Talks Faith, Family, and Fatherhood

Photo from Benjamin Watson’s Instagram

Former NFL Star and Pro-Life Advocate Ben Watson Talks Faith, Family, and Fatherhood

By Movieguide® Staff

Before the end of his 15-year career as an NFL tight end, Benjamin Watson stood for his Christian faith and values.

In a recent interview with Sports Spectrum, Watson detailed how his desire to talk about difficult, real-world issues through the lens of faith increased.

Drafted in the 2004 draft to the New England Patriots, Watson said that he did not share his faith as readily as he did by the end of his career. However, Watson said it is important for believers to talk about the relevant, moral issues of the day.

“Ultimately, I think as Believers it’s not that we’re immune to what happens in the world, it’s not that the world is going to be perfect for us—we’re going to have trials living in this world, there’s going to be disappointments, there’s going to be fear, there’s going to be anger—we rest in the hope of the gospel,” he explained.

“In the new Heaven and new earth, all these things will pass away, but it doesn’t change our directives to bring justice, peace and mercy on the earth while we’re living in it,” he added. “So we live in this weird juxtaposition between what’s happening now and what’s going to be, while still being ambassadors of Christ.”

Watson retired from the NFL in 2019, but never quit in using his platform to talk about truth—writing multiple books and starring in the documentary, DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA follows former NFL player Benjamin Watson as he travels around the country to seek the truth about what America believes about the sanctity of life. It explores how the pro-choice and pro-life camps can have meaningful conversations to save the future generations of children. The documentary expertly navigates all the popular talking points of the abortion issue. It addresses the practice’s history, the evolving legislation on the federal and state levels of government, and the economic crisis that makes abortion disproportionally affect impoverished communities. However, it doesn’t neglect the heart of the mother, the father and others affected by the tragedy of abortion.

Available for rent or purchase on SalemNOW, DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is extremely well-made. It handles the topic of abortion with tact, precision and empathy. It includes powerful interviews and testimonials from legislators, doctors, former abortionists, abortion survivors, and social activists. DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is full of compassion and love, with a strong Christian, moral, pro-life worldview. Due to the violent nature of the topic of abortion, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger viewers.

“Ultimately, we seek to open up avenues to the gospel as we talk about current events faithfully, truthfully, honestly,” he said.

Watson, alongside his wife Kirsten, often talk about parenting their 7 children, what it means to be Father, and how faith informs his views on race and abortion.

Watson is the author of several books, including “The New Fight for Life: Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice” and “The New Dad’s Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life.”

Watch Benjamin Watson’s full interview with Sports Spectrum below:

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