Gitmo Idol

By Jeff Holder, Managing Editor

An animated Hugh Hewitt? Singing terrorists? Doesn’t one of them look like Keith Richards? And, what’s this doing at TownHall.com?

All this is part of the new short animated film, “Guantanamo Idol,” a parody starring (among others) President Obama, House Speaker Pelosi, and Barney the dinosaur.

Animation director Bob Arvin says, “The whole idea is to use humor and parody to get a political point across. The creative folks left of center have been doing it for decades and doing it well. I just thought it was time that we conservatives use humor and parody to get our point of view across. I truly think that one funny skit can do more to persuade than a million speeches. And, if it involves singing terrorists, all the better.”

“Guantanamo Idol” uses the familiar rift of a Rolling Stones song, “I-can’t-get-no. . .” to become “I’m in Gitmo.”

Arvin noted, “I was reading about the absolute craziness surrounding the idea of closing down Gitmo and bringing the prisoners to your local suburban neighborhood. ‘I’m in Gitmo’ kept going through my head and pretty soon the idea took hold and it just became the film.”

“Ted Baehr is the one to thank for getting us this far,” he added. “He knows everyone and everyone knows Ted. He’s introduced me to some influential people and I hope that ‘Guantanamo Idol’ is the first of many more to come.”

You can watch the short film for free HERE at PolitiZoid.com