How Bethany Hamilton Overcomes Fear: ‘Look to God’

Photo from Bethany Hamilton’s Instagram

How Bethany Hamilton Overcomes Fear: ‘Look to God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton recently talked faith, success, the sacrifice and reward of parenting and letting go of fear on Sadie Robertson Huff’s “WHOA That’s Good” podcast.

Huff touched on how Hamilton, a mother of four and shark-attack survivor, has conquered many fears throughout her life.

“[Fears] can blind you or stop you in your place or hold you back from just pursuing the good and beautiful things in life,” Hamilton said.

The surfer continued, “A lot of times our fears are just things built up in our heads. They’re not necessarily truth.”

“To me, it’s like, first, look to God and see what he says; second, pray; talk to a friend,” Hamilton said. “Just don’t hold it all inside because I think when we hold it inside, we end up [with] this mental block.”

Hamilton shares more about defeating fears on her website, saying the first steps are to “start small,” “assess the facts” and “find a support system.”

The surfer also shared that the birth of her first child, though unexpected and scary, became the “most beautiful” experience of her life.

“I have done a lot of amazing, rad things. I’ve traveled the world. I’ve like rocked it in professional surfing. I’ve like gotten awards in Hollywood, and you know I made movies on my life,” Hamilton said. “So it’s like I’m coming from a place where I’ve done a lot of really rad things, but I can hands down say that welcoming my own child into the world and becoming a mom is the most beautiful, fun, adventurous thing you can do.”

Huff also asked how family impacts ambitions and professional life. For Hamilton, quality moments with others make her day worthwhile, not worldly success.

“When I think of my highlight of the day, it usually has to do with someone else, not usually just me by myself,” Hamilton said. “A moment shared or just a funny thing or just whatever…dancing with my husband or something…All my highlights usually have to do with someone else, and so I’m like then truly that’s the thing that brings me the most joy.”

“I value my family more than I value other things like certain types of wealth or success,” Hamilton said on her Instagram. “I believe a joy-filled family is wealthy, and to know God, is the most beautiful and precious wealth of all.”

Hamilton’s movies, Movieguide® Award winner SOULS SURFER and BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE, both garnered a 4+ content rating from Movieguide®.

Movieguide® previously reported on Hamilton’s response to the shark-bite incident that took her left arm:

Hamilton admitted that she initially ‘wanted to hide on [her] little island’ but decided to ‘enter into the spotlight’ to share her story with others.

‘I am so glad I made the decision I did–even when it hasn’t been easy,’ she shared.

‘God gave me the strength when I was weak,’ Hamilton continued. ‘I am so honored to be able to keep bringing hope to other people.’

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