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How Christ Redeemed Sadie Robertson Huff From Body Image Issues

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

How Christ Redeemed Sadie Robertson Huff From Body Image Issues

By Movieguide® Staff

Sadie Robertson Huff, who is pregnant with her first child, joined Christian artist Natalie Grant to encourage women who are battling body image issues. 

The two recorded a podcast together to discuss how the Lord set them free from the bondage society often perpetuates about body issues. 

“I know body image is a true struggle and eating disorders are a very real thing that can truly make you feel like freedom is never going to be your story…” Robertson Huff wrote on Instagram. 

“Reminding EVERY GIRL to go listen to my latest podcast up with [Grant],” Robertson Huff said. “We are two people who have been through it saying IT CAN BE. Jesus can redeem allll things. If you need a sister and a friend from afar to allow you to feel seen where you are at and help you through it a little bit I hope that you feel that from us from afar.”

Listen to the episode here:

Robertson Huff previously shared her struggles with an eating disorder on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.

“I started developing a really unhealthy view of my body,” Robertson recalled of her time on DANCING WITH THE STARS. “An eating disorder is differentin a lot of different ways. You can’t stop thinking about your body, how you look, what you should eat. You’re counting the calories, you’re you’re sizing up your legs, and all those different things. You’re just kind of completely gripped by it, and that’s kind of where I was.”

To combat this, Robertson Huff turned to Scripture.

“I pretty much just took the word as it was from the Bible,” she said. “[The Bible] talks about how you’re beautifully and wonderfully created, and I started like praising God and thanking Him for the way that I looked.

“Instead of looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Oh, I wish my arms were thinner. I wish my legs were more toned. I wish I had her eyebrows. I wish I had her waistline. I wish I had a better thigh gap.’ … [Instead, I started saying], ‘I’m so thankful that I have this. I’m so thankful that my legs actually serve the purpose that they should and that they’re able to run, that my arms are able to carry things, that my stomach could one day hopefully be able to carry a baby.’ I started thinking about what we’re actually designed and created for, and it definitely made me start to stop thinking about myself as much and be able to think about others and how you can actually serve others with the body that you’ve been given.”

Grant previously took to Instagram to discuss a body shaming incident and called her followers higher.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Grant describes the reaction the girl’s mom had when she saw the number on the scale, “Woah, you’re getting up there. Oh my word.”

She also describes the look on the girls face as “covered in shame,” and how it looked like she “wanted to disappear.”

Before leaving the room Grant said she told the other teenage girl how beautiful she was.

The singer then initiated a call to action for mothers saying they have to do better.

She said, “My three daughters will have a heard enough time with their self-image, their body image, with what the world is throwing at them. I should be the last person that would ever body shame my beautiful daughters. Moms, don’t do it. You gotta do better for your kids.”

Grant captioned the video with a statistic from a study she found on FitRated.com.

The study revealed girls get body shamed the most by their mothers, at almost 63 percent. Their friends closely followed at nearly 62 percent.

At the end of the caption Grant wrote, “One comment can take a lifetime to untangle.”

The Instagram post received thousands of likes and comments in support of Grant’s message. Some followers even shared their own stories about being body shamed by others. Other followers mentioned they have fallen victim to shaming themselves.

Robertson Huff and Grant are also hosting a workshop to discuss how Christian women can handle the body image pressures.