John Rich Digs Deep Into the American Dream in New Show

Photo from John Rich’s Instagram

John Rich Digs Deep Into the American Dream in New Show

By Movieguide® Staff

As a part of Fox Business’ new primetime lineup, country music artist John Rich hosts a show called THE PURSUIT! WITH JOHN RICH.

The 47-year-old discussed the simple purpose behind his new show on FOX & FRIENDS.

“Well it’s based on a really simple premise and that is that America does not guarantee us happiness, it guarantees the right to pursue happiness,” Rich said. “And every American out there, I promise you, have something in the back of their mind that they dream about doing or accomplishing. It’s called the American dream. It’s why we have lines coming into the country and no lines going out.

“We are the only country in the history of the world that gives its citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he added. “So I sit them [guests] down and we learn their stories. I’m not really interested in their accomplishments. I’m interested in what’s inside of them that drove them to have those accomplishments.”

Rich said that the show seeks to unite Americans by helping them recognize the freedom that they have in the U.S.

“It’s meant to inspire, it’s meant to remind Americans what we actually still have in common, which is the right to pursue happiness,” he said. “I’m excited to be on Fox Business and let the world check this out.”

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Rich also said that he wants THE PURSUIT to show the counter-cultural idea that there is happiness, respect, and integrity in hard work.

“There is a lot of lying going on out there right now,” Rich said. “People want instant gratification, instant success, instant notoriety, there’s no integrity in that. You’re not ever gonna be respected in your life if you get something instantly.

“When you grind it out, you build it yourself, you push through the hard times, and on the other side of it you have something that is yours, that you can claim, it’s something you’ve built yourself. That’s integrity, that’s respect not only from others but self-respect, as well,” he added.

The show will feature celebrity guests whom Rich will interview about how they achieved their dream.

“Listen, there’s a lot of people on this show that you’ve heard interviewed before but you have not heard these questions and you haven’t heard these answers,” Rich said. “It’s a deep dive on some of the most incredible dream chasers in America.”

Aside from the fulfilling nature of hard work, Rich also said that it is an American’s responsibility to pursue opportunities.

“I think we’re supposed to exhaust our potential, that’s how I was raised,” he said. “There are billions of people around this planet that woke up this morning with just as much potential and drive and talent as any American ever had, but because of where they live, they aren’t allowed to be everything that they can be.

“In America, we’re allowed to be everything we can be, it’s our responsibility to go out there and work hard and make something for ourselves,” Rich concluded.