Katy Nichole Releases New Song ‘Hold On’

Photo from Katy Nichole’s Instagram

Katy Nichole Releases New Song ‘Hold On’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Katy Nichole gets personal in the leading song of her newly released album Jesus Changed My Life.  

In the song titled “Hold On,” Nichole shares her experience with anxiety and depression and the amazing way that God pulled her out of these struggles. 

“This song is incredibly important to me, and it’s a bit harder for me to talk about because it’s such a deep part of my story and it is a little bit darker,” Nichole shared on Instagram. “I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression in my life and even at one point had suicidal thoughts. There was one point where I picked up a bottle of pills and I took it to the bathroom, and when I did –there was nothing in my path— but that bottle of pills fell onto the floor and spilled.”

“In that moment I felt God saying to me, ‘Hold on, I’m not done yet.’ I picked up those pills and threw them in the trash can because I knew that God still had a plan and purpose for my life,” she continued.

“I hope this song can encourage you and remind you that your life matters so, so much and you can hold on because you have a purpose,” Nichole added. 

The music video for “Hold On” beautifully portrays the story that Nichole shared on Instagram. It depicts the outward image of a perfect, happy life that clashes with the chaotic, depressed reality that Nichole felt inside herself. 

Nichole’s music continues to inspire and provides hope for those who are struggling. Her use of personal struggles gives her music authenticity and allows it to speak to people in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Nichole:  

Christian singer Katy Nichole is one of many artists who have used TikTok to launch their songs to the top of the charts.

The 22-year-old recently opened up about how the song — and the TikTok — came to be, as well as what’s next for her career. 

Nichole’s hit song “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” took off after she posted a short video clip to TikTok of herself singing a few lines from the then-unfinished track. 

Overnight, the video went viral, with almost 2 million views. However, this success presented Nichole with a bit of a problem. 

“I realized if I want to release this, I need to fully create a new song,” Nicholeshared. “It was the bridge that people were reacting to.”

After finishing the track and releasing it, “In Jesus Name” rocketed to the top of the iTunes charts and started getting radio play. 

“It hit radio four days after it was released, which is crazy,” Nichole said. “Usually, it takes a few months.”

A few months after its release, “In Jesus Name” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart and now holds the record for the most weeks at No. 1 for a debut single by a female artist on both Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs (20 weeks) and Christian Airplay charts (nine).

Nichole is currently hard at work on her debut album.  

“I felt like my story is pretty messy and broken,” Nichole shared. “But I knew God’s handprints are all over my life.”  

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