Katy Nichole Reveals How God Saved Her Life in New Song, ‘Hold On’

Photo from Katy Nichole’s Instagram

Katy Nichole Reveals How God Saved Her Life in New Song, ‘Hold On’

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian music artist Katy Nichole recently revealed that the song ‘Hold On’ on her upcoming album is about her past battles with depression and anxiety.

“I wanted to talk about a song on my brand new album called ‘Hold On,’” she said in a video posted to Instagram. “This song is incredibly important to me, and it’s a little bit harder for me to talk about because it’s such a deep part of my story and it is a little bit darker.”

“I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression in my life and even at one point had suicidal thoughts,” she continued. “There was one point where I picked up a bottle of pills and I took it to the bathroom, and when I did—there was nothing in my path—but that bottle of pills fell onto the floor and spilled.”

The writer of the hit song ‘In Jesus Name (God of Possible)’ said that God spoke to her in that moment of darkness.

“In that moment I felt God saying to me, ‘Hold on, I’m not done yet.’ I picked up those pills and threw them in the trash can because I knew that God still had a plan and a purpose for my life,” she said.

“I hope this song can encourage you and remind you that your life matters so, so much and you can hold on because you have a purpose,” the 22-year-old added.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Christian music artist Katy Nichole recently announced a new, full-length album called ‘Jesus Changed My Life.’

Fans can expect the 11-song album to become available on Feb. 24.

The album features Nichole’s chart topping song, ‘In Jesus Name (God of Possible,’ as well as her previously released track ‘God Is In This Story.’

“Jesus is constantly refining my heart,” Nichole said of the title track in a recent press release. “Like a lot of the cries that are in the Psalms, when I find myself in a place of struggle, I turn back to Him. If Jesus could change my life then, He can change my life now.”

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