Kendrick Brothers’ New Doc SHOW ME THE FATHER Earns Historic A+ on CinemaScore

Photo from Alex Kendrick’s Instagram

Kendrick Brothers’ New Doc SHOW ME THE FATHER Earns Historic A+ on CinemaScore

By Movieguide® Staff

The Kendrick Brother’s new documentary, SHOW ME THE FATHER, received an impressive “A+” rating on CinemaScore from audiences. 

SHOW ME THE FATHER was the first documentary created by faith-based filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, who received an “A+” rating for their movies, COURAGEOUS, WAR ROOM, and OVERCOMER.  

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of SHOW ME THE FATHER reads

SHOW ME THE FATHER is a wonderful, inspiring documentary. It tells six emotionally powerful stories about fatherhood. Four stories involve two football coaches who mentor four young men from broken families to become better men and better fathers. Another story tells how God performs a miracle in helping a man and his wife find the perfect daughter to adopt. A sixth story shows how an older man overcomes a serious bout with depression to bless his own three sons.

SHOW ME THE FATHER is a must-see movie. It will brighten your day and inspire you. The filmmakers let the people involved tell their stories. It intercuts these segments with great visual aids and archival footage that move the story along. The emotionally powerful stories ultimately lead to three great heartwarming, surprising twists. SHOW ME THE FATHER has a strong Christian, biblical worldview, with many great biblical references. Just as good, if not better, the movie overtly stresses that Jesus Christ is the visible image of God the Father. As Jesus says in John 14:7, “Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

According to Christian Newswire, only two movies earn an A+ CinemaScore each year.

“SHOW ME THE FATHER has been moving people in a powerful way,” Rich Peluso, EVP/Head of AFFIRM Films, said. “Alex and Stephen Kendrick understand how to connect to the heart of a viewer and that’s one of the reasons they have been so successful.”

Movieguide® recently sat down with Alex Kendrick to discuss the documentary, which is now in theaters: 

After deliberation and prayer, the Kendrick brothers said they were amazed by the ways God answered their prayers.

“We prayed, ‘God, if this is Your will, would You give us the right stories to tell?’ And wow, did He answered that prayer. We have five stories in SHOW ME THE FATHER, and they are some of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard of fatherhood,” Alex said. “They come from every perspective, a good father, a bad father, a father who’s never there, one that you know, broke his child’s heart, and how did they recover from all of this and reconnect to God the Father?

“It was just amazing, all of the emotion, all of the twists, all of the the tension and the drama that you would want in a narrative feature film, we found in these stories,” he added.

For the Kendrick brothers, SHOW ME THE FATHER is a testament to God as the perfect father regardless of an earthly father’s success or lack thereof.

“This is important, because you and I get our first concept of what God is like, through the personality and actions of our earthly dad,” Alex said. “If you have a good dad, it’s great, it’s easier to believe God loves you, and he’ll be there for you. If you have a dad that struggled with things and wasn’t there for you, then it’s hard to believe that God’s there for you.

“God is the perfect father. He’s the one that has the most mercy, Grace, love, faithfulness, forgiveness and yes, he is also our judge and should be revered, but at the same time, he’s a perfect father,” Alex continued. “He wants us to know Him. When we walk with him in that regard, and have that relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, he fills the gaps in our heart that we’ve always longed to be filled with either a dad or somebody.”