Alex Kendrick Discuss ‘God as The Perfect Father’ in New Documentary SHOW ME THE FATHER

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Alex Kendrick Discuss ‘God as The Perfect Father’ in New Documentary SHOW ME THE FATHER

By Movieguide® Staff

Alex and Stephen Kendrick recently announced the duo’s first documentary, SHOW ME THE FATHER.

Set to release in theaters on Sept. 10, the Kendrick brothers’ movie “features captivating stories interwoven with inspirational truths about the fatherhood of God,” the IMDb description reads.

Producer Alex confessed that, initially, he was skeptical of his brother’s idea to make a documentary.

“Steven came to me, my brother, and he said, ‘Alex, I’ve got this concept that I think the Lord keeps stirring my heart with, to do a documentary on fatherhood.’ And as you probably could guess, documentaries are important, and there are some really good ones out there, but documentaries do not tend to draw the same type of focus as a feature film,” Alex told Movieguide®. “So when he said, I want to do a documentary, I was like, ‘Are you sure?'”

“Steven had this specific desire to tie in the biblical characteristics that we want to see in our fathers on earth with the fatherhood of God,” he continued. “He’s the perfect Father, and He uses these roles, these positions, for men to reflect who He is, at least that’s what it’s intended to do.”

After deliberation and prayer, the Kendrick brothers said they were amazed by the ways God answered their prayers.

“We prayed, ‘God, if this is Your will, would You give us the right stories to tell?’ And wow, did He answered that prayer. We have five stories in SHOW ME THE FATHER, and they are some of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard of fatherhood,” Alex said. “They come from every perspective, a good father, a bad father, a father who’s never there, one that you know, broke his child’s heart, and how did they recover from all of this and reconnect to God the Father?

“It was just amazing, all of the emotion, all of the twists, all of the the tension and the drama that you would want in a narrative feature film, we found in these stories,” he added.

For the Kendrick brothers, SHOW ME THE FATHER is a testament to God as the perfect father regardless of an earthly father’s success or lack thereof.

“This is important, because you and I get our first concept of what God is like, through the personality and actions of our earthly dad,” Alex said. “If you have a good dad, it’s great, it’s easier to believe God loves you, and he’ll be there for you. If you have a dad that struggled with things and wasn’t there for you, then it’s hard to believe that God’s there for you.

“God is the perfect father. He’s the one that has the most mercy, Grace, love, faithfulness, forgiveness and yes, he is also our judge and should be revered, but at the same time, he’s a perfect father,” Alex continued. “He wants us to know Him. When we walk with him in that regard, and have that relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, he fills the gaps in our heart that we’ve always longed to be filled with either a dad or somebody.”

Alex also revealed that they had taken inspiration from their father, Larry Kendrick, in each of their six feature movies.

“Since FLYWHEEL, there’s always been a character in each of our films that was inspired by our dad,” Alex said. “Our father, when he was 40, began to have health problems and it turned out he had multiple sclerosis. He was on a cane when we shot flywheel and the father figure in the movies is on a cane. In FACING THE GIANTS, he was in a wheelchair. And so we have our father character in FACING THE GIANTS in a wheelchair, always affirming, always prayerful as our dad really is.”

“When we watched what he did in his circumstance, it’s hard not to let that be an impression on you in your characters,” he continued.

Alex said that while audiences may approach SHOW ME THE FATHER like any other documentary, he hopes that the profound biblical truth and powerful true stories will change people’s perspective on fatherhood.

“We do a strong tie between whatever is not fulfilled in your life by your earthly dad, or parent is meant to be filled with a relationship with God,” Alex said. “We use scripture throughout it, we don’t throw it in anybody’s face, but we use scripture throughout it. And when you watch these five amazing stories, you’re going to identify with one or more of them, and then you’re going to look at God differently.”

Movieguide® has yet to review SHOW ME THE FATHER, but check back soon!

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