Kirk Cameron Follows ‘Flood of Talent’ Moving from California to Tennessee

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Kirk Cameron Follows ‘Flood of Talent’ Moving from California to Tennessee

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LEFT BEHIND star and Teddy Bear Award® recipient Kirk Cameron moved his family to Tennessee from L.A. to make Christian projects that represent his and millions of Americans’ values.

He’s one of many celebs who have done so.

“Certainly there’s the concerns of politics and crime and the economy, but…I’m finding California refugees all over Tennessee and Texas and Florida and places like this,” the GROWING PAINS actor said on Fox News on July 6. “There’s been a flood of talent and creatives who have left California. They’re frustrated that their values are not being represented in the projects that they’re working on.”

“So they’re going out and independently creating projects that do represent their values,” Cameron explained. “In fact, Tennessee has seen an 82% increase in motion picture and television production jobs, making it the Hollywood of the South, and Nashville has become a hub for Christian projects like the ones that I’m working on with other fellow California escapees.”

The actor also told Fox11 that he didn’t feel his family was “safe” in California. His sister, actress Candace Cameron Bure, also moved to Nashville for this reason.

Fox11 reported, “Bure recalled that her family had ‘quite a few problems over the years’ with fans taking photos, hiding on their property and coming up to their door.”

Cameron hasn’t discarded California completely. But for now, he knows it’s not the place to be.

“Those who are here in in in the South around the Tennessee area from New York and other places, the idea is a strategic retreat to go to places where we can build community around faith, family and freedom and then expand those values from coast coast. It’s kind of like Batman fights the Joker in Gotham City but he’s got to go back to the Batcave to rest and reorganize,” Cameron joked.

He added that one day he will go back to California.

“We got a lot of jokers out there and I want to spread the values that are going to lead to people’s blessing and protection, you know?” he said.

When he runs into fellow Californians, the actor likes to tell them, “Don’t California our Tennessee.”

“If everything hits the fan and there’s some serious economic problems and division going on, they want to be around people like they think who are all about God, family, and country. It’s a really nice place to be,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“It’s an exciting time to be here and I hope that more and more people just have a vision of victory and optimism,” Cameron said. “Hope is on the horizon and what we need to do is get back to the values that made this the greatest country in the world.”

Cameron has numerous faith-based projects under his belt and is currently on a mission to break a world record.

Movieguide® reported last week:

FIREPROOF actor and Teddy Bear Award® recipient Kirk Cameron wants to set a Guinness World Record with his “See You at the Library Story Hour,” where he reads a book he partnered with Brave Book to create.

“The Christian actor and Brave Books are throwing their second annual See You at the Library event on Aug. 24, inviting supporters to host children’s story hours at their local libraries as part of a national one-day read-a-thon,” the Washington Times reported on June 19.

This comes after a drag-queen story hour in Philadelphia set a Guinness World Record in early June with 263 attendees. Books read at the event were “Twas the Night Before Pride, “The Family Book” and “Kevin the Unicorn: It’s Not All Rainbows.”

Cameron wants to counter the LGBTQ ideology that’s being pushed on children by providing moral messages through Brave Books stories.

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