Kirk Cameron Wants to Support Families and Break This World Record

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Kirk Cameron Wants to Support Families and Break This World Record

By Movieguide® Contributor

FIREPROOF actor and Teddy Bear Award® recipient Kirk Cameron wants to set a Guinness World Record with his “See You at the Library Story Hour,” where he reads a book he partnered with Brave Book to create.

“The Christian actor and Brave Books are throwing their second annual See You at the Library event on Aug. 24, inviting supporters to host children’s story hours at their local libraries as part of a national one-day read-a-thon,” the Washington Times reported on June 19.

This comes after a drag-queen story hour in Philadelphia set a Guinness World Record in early June with 263 attendees. Books read at the event were “Twas the Night Before Pride, “The Family Book” and “Kevin the Unicorn: It’s Not All Rainbows.”

Cameron wants to counter the LGBTQ ideology that’s being pushed on children by providing moral messages through Brave Books stories.

Last year’s See You at the Library had “more than 10,000 attendees at more than 300 libraries in 46 states, according to Brave Books. But Mr. Cameron told The Washington Times that ‘we’re looking to 2X what we did last year,’” the Washington Times said.

“In other words, See You at the Library 2024 should have little trouble clearing the attendance threshold set on June 1 by the Drag Queen Story Time at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, sponsored by the Philadelphia Gay News and the tourism agency Visit Philadelphia,” the Washington Times added.

“Our hope is that the Guinness Book of World Records will give us just as much recognition, and that we’ll crush the world record for attendance at a story hour,” Cameron said. “I think it’s going to be ‘wholesome story hour’ for the win with the world’s largest story hour. And we’re going to invite the Guinness World Records to come out and record it, and we’re going to see if they have the objectivity and integrity to give us equal opportunity.”

Supporters of the event can host a library story hour or can buy a Brave Books tool kit for the hosts. The kit contains five children’s books, 50 Statue of Liberty stickers, 50 hand-held American flags and instructions to host a successful reading.

Last year’s story hours had guest hosts: swimmer Riley Gaines and DUCK DYNASTY’s Missy Robertson.

“So many of our children are sadly being influenced to think that pride is a good thing — rather than the very dangerous thing that our previous generations warned about, that the Bible warns about, that our Founding Fathers warned about,” Cameron told FOX news.

“Let’s teach our children the true meaning of love,” Cameron said. “Love embraces humility. Love speaks out against sin courageously. Love never bows to the crooked and perverse winds of a culture that seeks to enslave your children and take away their future.”

On a See You at the Library event held across the nation on Aug. 5, most of the crowds amounted to 500 to 1,000 children, parents and grandparents.

Cameron and Brave Books are also creating a kid’s TV series called ADVENTURES WITH IGGY AND MR. KIRK. It’s set to release later in 2024.

“Puppeteer John Kennedy of the Jim Henson Company and SESAME STREET plays the role of Iggy,” the Washington Times said.

Movieguide® reported on the show in February:

Through this program, he hopes to combat the depravity that is taking over children’s minds today.

“The power of story is just unbelievably strong, and some of the new studies and articles that I’ve just been reading about, it’s unbelievable. Numbers of children who are now identifying themselves as either gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, nonbinary, queer, is now up like four thousand percent,” Cameron explained

“As parents, we have been forced to settle for mindless entertainment or just downright harmful content,” he said. “It’s time we had a show for our children that not only sparked their imagination and engaged them, but also built their character and strengthened their worldview while doing so,” he said

“I’m playing the Mr. Rogers of this generation, and we’ve got a vulture named Culture and an iguana named Iggy, and we talk about all these stories that I’ve read at the libraries, but now we’re actually putting them into a TV show,” Cameron said.

“So my time has been there, not at the libraries, but I’m leaning heavily into this event on Aug. 24,” he said.

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