LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp Expected to Return Week 5

Photo from Anna Kupp’s Instagram

LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp Expected to Return Week 5

By Movieguide® Contributor 

After suffering a hamstring injury on August 1, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp is expected to return in Week 5. 

Head coach Sean McVay told Ram Digest that he’s hopeful Kupp will be back soon.

“We are hopeful about that,” McVay said. “I want to be careful to say, but the reason that we put him on IR was so that you know if it’s going to be those four weeks that he’s mandated to be able to miss and then we can take him off of the IR and be available for that fifth week. That was the reason that we made that decision that we did last week because you don’t know what’s going to really come up.”

Sports Illustrated reported that injuries “have been an unfortunate trend throughout Kupp’s career, as he has only played two full seasons out of six so far.”

“He’s mentally tough,” McVay said of Kupp. “He’s a resilient guy. I think those things can make you stronger if you take it the right way and he certainly is one of those guys…But I’ve been incredibly impressed with how he’s handled it and really proud of him.”

While the wide receiver can’t play, he’s still an invaluable member of the team off-field. 

“He’s Coach Kupp right now,” McVay added. “I think one of the coolest things that he’s doing is he’s finding ways to make [a] tremendous impact on this team even though he is not able to be out on the field. Cooper is a special person and he’s a special player.”

“As special of a player as he is, he’s even more [of a] special person. I think what was the most powerful thing is that those guys…wanted his feedback because of the way that he’s able to lead, and the information that he’s able to give them that could be digestible and then applicable.”

Kupp is often open about his faith and finding his purpose in God. 

“I think the thing that He has taught me is that you will find that you are most fulfilled, you will find the most joy, when you are rooted in your purpose, and specifically rooted in His purpose for you,” Kupp said previously, according to Sports Spectrum. 

Movieguide® recently reported on Cooper Kupp: 

Kupp shared a statement on X after he received a contract extension with the LA Rams. 

“The Los Angeles Rams made a childhood vision a reality when they showed their belief in me on draft day…and today they showed continued faith,” Kupp began. “For that, I want to thank the Kroenke family, the front office, and Coach Movay. God is good.” 

“On the mountains and in the valleys, He has been with us every step of the way. While we have been afforded the privilege to play such an amazing game, it is with humility we know each moment here is intentional, albeit temporary. We pray each day to be a light in this world, filled and guided by His spirit, and to make the most of every day according to His will. For His Glory!” he concluded.

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