Lacey Chabert’s CHRISTIAN MINGLE Coming to Great American Pure Flix

Photo from Great American Pure Flix’s Instagram

Lacey Chabert’s CHRISTIAN MINGLE Coming to Great American Pure Flix

By Movieguide® Contributor

A new face is coming to Great American Pure Flix. Actress Lacey Chabert starred in the 2014 film CHRISTIAN MINGLE, which will now be available to stream on GAPF on June 27.

“June just got a lot brighter 🌟 CHRISTIAN MINGLE, the classic 2014 romcom starring Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Patrick Moore, starts streaming on June 27th!” The GAF Instagram account announced.

Several other GAF stars commented with excitement.

Danica McKellar wrote, “❤️❤️.”

Candace Cameron Bure replied, “🥰.”

Jen Lilley wrote, “Oh my gosh!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌.”

A fan wrote, “YES Lacey belongs on GAPF🥰.”

A synopsis of CHRISTIAN MINGLE reads, “A marketing executive (Lacey Chabert) gets in touch with her spiritual side, while trying to find Mr. Right.”

Movieguide® praised the movie’s “Extremely evangelistic, very Christocentric, Christian worldview.” Part of the review reads:

CHRISTIAN MINGLE is a comedy about a successful advertising executive who becomes smitten by a Christian man who works at her father’s construction company. Gwyneth agrees to go with Paul’s church on a mission trip to rebuild a Catholic church in a small town in Mexico devastated by an earthquake. However, Paul’s mother thinks there’s something phony about her. She finally convinces Paul, who loves his mother, to dump Gwyneth when they find CHRISTIANITY FOR DUMMIES under her cot. Devastated, Gwyneth returns to her job in the United States. So, the questions are: Will she ever find Jesus? Will she stop lying to herself and to others?

CHRISTIAN MINGLE has a great heart and a good evangelistic message. Much of it is laugh-out-loud funny. Some of it is a double-edged sword, which gives a slightly satirical view of the Christian club, that is, Christians who use Christian jargon to separate themselves from others. The jeopardy seems to disappear and the movie sags a little bit in the middle. The ending, however, is fulfilling and lovable. MOVIEGUIDE® commends the filmmakers for faith-filled humor.

Although Chabert’s film will be available to stream, she’s not currently slated for any original GAF movies.

She’s known for her past roles in films such as MEAN GIRLS and DADDY DAYCARE, but more recently, she is an actress for the Hallmark Channel and stars in uplifting movies including THE WEDDING VEIL and A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS.

Chabert also has a new movie coming to Hallmark for the upcoming holiday season. Movieguide® previously reported:

The new movie, titled THE CHRISTMAS QUEST, just finished production in Iceland. It’s the first movie that Polaha and Chabert have worked together in.

Chabert stars as an archeologist and ex-wife of a Norse language expert (Polaha), both of whom get sent to Iceland to search for treasure. As others also seek after the treasure, they’re whisked into a fast-paced adventure that just might rekindle their affection in the process.

“This is Chabert’s fifteenth Christmas movie for Hallmark Media,” Parade said. “Previous Hallmark movies include A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS, HAUL OUT THE HOLLY, GROUNDSWELL and THE WEDDING VEIL trilogies.”

“THE CHRISTMAS QUEST hails from Synthetic Cinema International, the company behind such Hallmark films as A MERRY SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS and A BILTMORE CHRISTMAS, and Iceland’s Hero Productions,” TV Line reported.

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