Make Your Movie Vote Count – See Family-Friendly, Christian Movies!

By Jeff Holder, with Tom Snyder and Ted Baehr

It’s awards season in Hollywood, which means that movies are vying for attention to get votes for Academy Awards and other influential honors. Even here at MOVIEGUIDE® we are furiously working on our own awards show, The 18th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala, set for Feb. 23, 2010 in Los Angeles.

Studio publicists want their movies to win awards, so all over Hollywood there are full-page ads in the Industry trade paper VARIETY and billboards adorning Sunset Blvd. calling out names of movies. All of this is to get the vote of the people who hand out awards.

But, the votes that count the most in Hollywood are those cast by the average moviegoer who plunks down $10 to $15 to see an actual movie playing in a theater.

In the final analysis, it is YOUR vote that matters most, not the vote of Academy members for Best Picture. YOU have the power to “elect” this year’s box office winners, and you do it with your ticket purchases.

Thus, the box office “race” in which you participate is the most influential of all the “elections” being held. For instance, the vampire movie THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, is “winning” the holiday box office election so far, even though it probably won’t take home any Oscars. But, TWILIGHT is winning the race that matters the most, the bottom line race, where it has already earned more than $250 million.

Because of its success, and the success of the saga’s first movie, TWILIGHT, scores of occult vampire movies are being rushed into production in order to take advantage of the supernatural trend.

So, you see, it’s the box office “election” of this year’s movies that determines which movies will arrive next year and the year after that. Your vote determines that trend.

A vote for THE BLIND SIDE or DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL instead of NEW MOON this month will make the studio chiefs look up from their $18 Caesar salad lunch and decide to make more movies about characters who have Christian faith. Writers will daydream about those kinds of stories. Producers will start looking for books and novels that have this motif. And, children and teenagers all over the world will have their family’s spiritual and moral lives transformed by the votes you and your own family cast this holiday season at the movie box office.

This will happen because the box office winners “reproduce” themselves the following years. The only price of admission is your vote, and only you, the moviegoer, gets to vote.

So, look at the big picture when you decide what movie to see this weekend and realize you are the one who can make your vote really count!

YOU are the most powerful person in Hollywood!