Marvel Developing New Vision Series

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Marvel Developing New Vision Series

By Movieguide® Contributor

A new live-action Marvel series is in the works. The series will be focused on the character Vision, who died in 2018’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

Variety exclusively reported more about the upcoming series.

“After Vision died at the hands of Thanos in 2018’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, he returned twice over in 2021’s WANDAVISION, first as a spectral creation by his beloved, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), through magic powered by grief; then as a rebuilt, nuts-and-bolts android with a ghost white appearance and zero memory of his past life,” Variety said. “When the two Visions battled in the WANDAVISION finale, Wanda’s Vision restored the ghost Vision’s memories, then Wanda allowed her Vision to fade from existence. The new show will take place after those events, as ghost Vision presumably explores his new purpose in life.”

Paul Bettany, who played Vision previously, will return for the role, and Terry Matalas, who produced STAR TREK: PICARD, will be the series’ showrunner.

Matalas posted the news to Instagram, and many followers commented with excitement.

“Vision Series got some Scope! Congratulations Terry!!” one user said.

“Congrats, brother!! Well deserved and can’t wait to see you cook on this one!” another person commented.

The new Vision series comes after Marvel announced some big changes. Movieguide® reported:

Marvel is taking steps to put less “pressure” on its fan base.

“The company is rebranding its streaming efforts as Marvel Television for live-action series and Marvel Animation for its animated shows,” MSN reported.

As part of the change, Marvel shows will no longer open with its signature logo.

“There was a lot of pressure post-AVENGERS: ENDGAME on the public to feel obligated to watch absolutely everything in order to watch anything,” said Brad Winderbaum, Marvel’s head of streaming, television and animation. “Part of the rebranding was a signal to the general audience that we’re creating a lot of options, and you can follow your tastes within this brand. Some will be more comedic, some will be more dramatic, some will be animated, some will be live-action. Marvel is more than just one thing — it is actually many different genres that just happened to coexist in a single narrative.”

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