Editor’s Note:  The editors at MOVIEGUIDE® have put together a list of great movies for Easter.



  1. BEN-HUR, Quality: * * * * Acceptability: +4 – 1959: Subtitled A TALE OF THE CHRIST, this is an epic story of a young Jewish man, Judah Ben-Hur, played by Charlton Heston, who lives at the time of Christ. When his sisters contract leprosy, he can either choose to hate the Romans or find healing and forgiveness through the blood of Christ.



  1. THE ROBE, Quality: * * * * Acceptability: +4 – 1953: Starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature, this Hollywood Cinemascope spectacle is the story of a slave under the rule of Rome, who turns to Christianity when embracing the robe of Christ.




  1. THE KING OF KINGS (silent), Quality: * * * * Acceptability: +4 – 1927: The famous H.B. Warner played Jesus in Cecil B. DeMille’s KING OF KINGS, still the classic of all movies about Jesus Christ.




  1. QUO VADIS, Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4 – 1951:  This very Christian classic places Marcus Vinicius, played by Robert Taylor, between the tyrannical Nero, played by Peter Ustinov, and the beautiful redeemed Christian Lygia, played by Deborah Kerr. The movie includes a great explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by St. Peter.




  1. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4– 2004:  Though the violent R-rated version is too strong for younger teenagers and other susceptible viewers, there is a PG-13 version of this powerful movie by Mel Gibson, with a striking performance by Jim Caviezel and a heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting ending that stirs the imagination and pierces the heart.



  1. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4– 1956:  A remake from a film he did many years previously, this Cecil B. DeMille biblical epic remains a favorite today. Christians like it because it is a Bible story. Jews like it because Moses is one of their heroes. Everybody likes it because it is masterful, engrossing filmmaking. Though not entirely biblically correct, it gives a powerful examination of one of mankind’s greatest leaders, superbly portrayed by Charlton Heston.



  1. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA:  THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +1 – 2005:  THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, based on C. S. Lewis’s popular Christian fable, tells the story of four English children, who enter the land of Narnia, where they meet Aslan, the son of the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea, who rescues the land from the evil White Witch. Despite some minor changes from the book, THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE retains most of its Christian focus and is tremendously exciting, thrilling and redemptive.




  1. Episode One of A.D.:  THE BIBLE CONTINUES Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4– 2015: shows the power of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the lives of the disciples and the Roman world. A.D. is powerful television, powerful art and powerful theology.




  1. Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4– 2014: SON OF GOD tells the story of Jesus Christ’s ministry on Earth, leading up to a powerful telling of His death and resurrection and final message to John in Revelation. The pacing could be a little tighter and the movie leaves you wanting to see more about Jesus Christ’s teaching, but SON OF GOD is a captivating, powerful reminder of the glorious nature of God’s grace and love.



  1. Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4– 2014: Based on a bestselling book, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL tells the true story of a 4-year-old boy who visits Heaven while on an operating table and comes back to talk about his experience. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is a beautifully made, absolutely enthralling movie that extols Christian faith and God’s love.