NCIS Averages More Viewers Than This Year’s Abysmal Oscars

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NCIS Averages More Viewers Than This Year’s Abysmal Oscars

By Movieguide® Staff

As predicted, the 93rd annual Academy Award ceremony on Sunday night bombed, experiencing the lowest TV ratings to date.

NOMADLAND and its director Chloé Zhao took home Best Picture and Best Director.

This year’s Oscars was the third consecutive year to have a host-less ceremony (many notable celebrities have turned down the opportunity to host after seeing fellow stars fail miserably and receive harsh critiques).

According to Nielsen numbers, around 9.85 million viewers watched the program, a 58.3% drop from last year’s 23.64 million viewers.

Movieguide® previously reported that the pandemic was not the only contributing factor to the Oscars’ dive in numbers over the past few years:

One unnamed producer of the show confessed that the lack of interest directly correlates to Hollywood’s politicization of entertainment. 

“Increasingly, the ceremonies are less about entertainment honors and more about progressive politics, which inevitably annoys those in the audience who disagree,” the NYT reported. “One recent producer of the Oscars, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential metrics, said minute-by-minute post-show ratings analysis indicated that ‘vast swaths’ of people turned off their televisions when celebrities started to opine on politics.”

However, Hollywood continues to lean into progressive projects that claim inclusivity but end up alienating audiences. Moreover, the same industry has begun to celebrate these movies, despite their often missteps at the box office and their negative effect on Oscar viewership. 

Meanwhile, content that continually puts biblical values on display flourishes.

One example is the success of the longtime patriotic and morally uplifting NCIS series.  The CBS television show led primetime television ratings, breaking the norm of springtime television.

In contrast to the 2021 Oscars, NCIS boasted 10.26 million viewers for CBS, almost tying their previous same-day record of 10.35 million for the season premiere.

While both battled for interested viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic, NCIS’ patriotic focus ousted the Oscars – whose increasingly blatant political agenda has gradually alienated viewers over the past seven years.

Movieguide® previously reported:

As filmmakers, studios, and Hollywood prepare for the 93rd Academy Awards – which are set to air at the end of April – a significant decline in viewership is expected.

The COVID-19 pandemic laid waste to theaters, the traditional box office and negatively affected the ratings of other live events such as the Golden Globes. However, another factor could have more to do with the steady decrease of interest from moviegoers in the Oscars and the movie industry.

Movieguide®’s theory that family-friendly and morally uplifting movies draw the largest audiences continues to hold true.

Since 2014, the past six Best Picture Winners have grown steadily more niche, with few exceptions: 12 YEARS A SLAVE (2014), BIRDMAN (2015), SPOTLIGHT (2016), MOONLIGHT (2017), THE SHAPE OF WATER (2018), GREEN BOOK (2019), and PARASITE (2020).

In particular, MOONLIGHT, THE SHAPE OF WATER and PARASITE not only contained immoral content that alienated general audiences, they also tackled serious topics about modern culture.

Movieguide® encourages audiences to exercise discernment because moviegoers have the loudest voice in what movies are released.

“It’s not just because this pandemic-impacted awards season has meant most films have barely registered at the box office, opting for streaming and premium VOD. It’s also because serious movies, even when they individually attract passionate followings, now occupy a smaller niche,” THR reported.

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If the Oscars want to attract more viewers and gain more favor in the public eye, they would do better to focus on movies that have broader appeal. Often, these movies include Christian and biblical values. Movieguide® honors such movies through its own Awards show.

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