Newsboys United to Disband After Final Summer Tour

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Newsboys United to Disband After Final Summer Tour

By Movieguide® Staff

Newsboys United, made up of Michael Tait, Jody Davis, Jeff Frankenstein, and Duncan Phillips, announced that its three-year run would end after summer.

Original members Peter Furler and Phil Joel joined the current band to perform Newsboys’ most popular songs over the past three decades.

Furler and Joel reunited the band in 2017 under the updated name Newsboys United. However, they announced that after their summer tour, they would pursue solo prospects.

“Four years ago, when Peter joined us on ‘The Cross Has the Final Word,’ we never could have dreamed that a collaboration on a single song would turn into what it did. After three years of Newsboys United with Peter and Phil, we’ve traveled North America together, performed hundreds of concerts, rekindled old friendships, made lots of new memories, had a LOT of laughs, and released an album,” the band said on Facebook.

“The last 15 months have been a time of change for all of us, yet we’re looking ahead to the future — feeling refreshed from unanticipated time at home with our families and extra time in the studio. We’ve grown closer together, experienced a renewed excitement for making music, and worked harder than ever to create a new record we are proud of. We are excited to share it with you all very soon,” the post added.

The band’s summer tour will consist of four shows, including two at Lifest Music City in Tennessee and two in Minnesota. To conclude, the band will perform their final live performance in Indiana on Aug. 13, according to the Christian Post.

“The Newsboys team has been a family from the beginning. That will never change, but we wanted to take a moment to share with you that our time as Newsboys United will soon come to an end. The new album and tour this fall will continue on as before with Newsboys … Tait, Duncan, Jeff and Jody.”

“Newsboys United has been one of the best experiences of our career,” the message concluded. “Peter and Phil, we can’t thank you enough for the time spent with us during this season, the creativity you have contributed, and the memories we have made together. We will always be your biggest supporters and friends.”

The band’s lead singer, Tait, added that he is enjoying reuniting with his old band and performing classic Newsboys hits.

“I’ve been on the road all my life, including the famed ‘Jesus Freak Tour,’ and this is one of my top-three favorite tours ever,” Tait told the Christian Post. “I am loving this experience!”

“I don’t think any of us knew exactly how monumental it was going to be or just how much it would mean to everyone. It’s really special,” he added.

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