Nick Vujicic: Christ’s Love Can Transform any Situation

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Nick Vujicic: Christ’s Love Can Transform any Situation

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Christian evangelist Nick Vujicic explained how God uses his unique situation – being born with no arms or legs – to bless others and help them understand that every situation can be changed by His love.

While Vujicic has come to terms with his condition and is even thankful for the opportunities to share the Gospel that it has provided him, it was very difficult to grow up so different from those around him.

“Going to school and seeing other people who had more than me, it was quite hard to believe that God loved me like everyone else and the question is why does a loving God allow us to go through suffering? And, if God loves me and I have faith in His power, why doesn’t He give me a miracle?” Vujicic told TBN. “So as the arms and legs did not miraculously come, I started wondering, well, who is this God who loves me? What’s the plan that He could ever have? And I had no idea that God could later on use my broken pieces and actually make something beautiful in His time.”

In the midst of these doubts and facing extreme bullying at school, Vujicic was brought to a low point in his life during middle school when he attempted suicide. Thankfully God prevented Vujicic from dying as He had unfinished plans for his life.

Shortly after, Vujicic started to understand that God could have a plan for his life even if it did not involve a miraculous healing of his limbs. One day after reading the story of the blind man in John 9, he realized that “if God has a plan for a blind man, God’s got a plan for me,” he told I Am Second.

God’s plan for his life was further revealed to him in high school when a janitor pointed out to Vujicic that he has an amazing ability to communicate and connect with others. This inspired him to begin his ministry through which he has now shared 3,500 speeches across 78 countries, touching the lives of over 10 million people in person, along with an additional 2.8 billion through the media, per The Christian Post.

“There is not greater way to share the joy and strength of God than in your weakness,” Vujicic explained. “It’s in your weakness that He perfects His strength in us and when I am weak – I look weak – but yet they look at my face and they see that I am strong, they’re like, hey, wait a second, what’s different about you?… It’s the richness of knowing that your Father in heaven owns everything. He’ll provide for you in every way, shape or form. He knows the desires of your heart. His grace is sufficient.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Evangelist Nick Vujicic explains how God uses our stories to share the life-changing impact of the gospel with the world.

“I am so blessed to first of all say that, yes, you don’t need arms and legs to stand in front of the gates of hell and redirect traffic,” he told TBN.

Vujicic was born without arms or legs. While he struggled to understand God’s plan for his life as a kid, he eventually realized, “If God has a plan for a blind man, God’s got a plan for me.”

“When you have found the truth of really your value and your purpose and your destiny, it’s not just about finding God; it’s not just about asking God, ‘God show me your plan;’ it’s not even just fulfilling the plan that God has for you and those around you; it’s about the world,” he continued.

“When you find Jesus, all you want to do is help others to know that Jesus is the answer. And so, I talk about how you don’t need to have a title or necessarily a ministry organization to be an evangelist,” Vujicic added. “We all have a story, and our history is His story. He’s the author, and we’re the storyteller to help others know that God loves them, too. And not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.”

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