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Parents Beware: Netflix Sexualizes Children in Animated Series HUMAN RESOURCES

Photo by Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

Parents Beware: Netflix Sexualizes Children in Animated Series HUMAN RESOURCES

By Movieguide® Staff

Netflix recently doubled down with its adult animated series, with another series from the creators of the pornographic BIG MOUTH, with HUMAN RESOURCES.

The Parents Television and Media Council (PTC), a media watchdog group, said HUMAN RESOURCES has “disturbing, sexualizing references to children.”

The two TV-MA shows involve grossly immoral and sexual content involving—and about—minors.

In HUMAN RESOURCES, the PTC notes that there is a “hormone monster” which encourages young children to “touch their privates.”

Along with the perverse sexual content, both shows contain graphic, foul language.

Melissa Henson, program director for PTC, said that animated shows on Netflix and other top streamers get away with content that would be illegal if it were not animated.

“The kinds of references, the kinds of sexual behavior, the kinds of themes and so forth that they’re dealing with in these animated programs is beyond the pale, and far beyond what you would typically see in a live-action program,” Henson told The Christian Post.

“Animation is usually a format that children, in particular, enjoy and children’s eyes are particularly drawn to animated format,” she added. “That’s not to say that adults can’t enjoy them as well, but if a kid sees a cartoon character on a screen, the assumption is, ‘Oh, well, this is for me.'”

As a result, adults can watch animated pornographic content involving minors without repercussions. Moreover, children are likely unable to decipher the difference between the eye-catching animated thumbnails of the TV-MA shows and those suitable for them.

Movieguide® previously reported:

As audiences of all ages flock to prominent streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, traditional broadcast television grows obsolete. Not only is there more content, but that content is easily and widely accessible by anyone who knows how to turn on a TV.

Unfortunately, a saturated market leaves parents with the difficult task of protecting their children from seeing immoral movies and shows. One especially concerning area is the constant advertisement by streamers for animated shows geared towards adults.

However, streamable cartoons filled with extreme sexual content, language, and violence are not hidden on Adult Swim after the children go to bed—they are available 24/7.

Although streamers have released “safety” features to block users from accessing the graphic content, they are far from fool-proof.

Netflix leads the way in promoting the animated atrocities that, on the outside, look similar to your child’s favorite shows.

“I think Netflix has pretty unambiguously signaled that they really don’t care who they’re offending with their content, and they intend to continue producing controversial content. They have no intention of backing down,” Henson said.

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