Parents Livid Over Nickelodeon’s PC Agenda

Screenshot from Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel

Parents Livid Over Nickelodeon’s PC Agenda

By Movieguide® Staff

Parents and critics condemned Nickelodeon, a tentpole of children’s entertainment on TV, for its recent Earth Day special that discusses “environmental racism.”

The complete segment from the Nick News series claimed that pollution disproportionately affects communities of color and is a part of systemic racism.  

“Learn the meaning of environmental racism,” Nickelodeon captioned a seven-minute video on Twitter.

The Nick News host, Jamie Yuccas, encourages viewers to see how “environmental racism, a form of systemic racism where minority and low-income communities are surrounded by health hazards because they live near sewage, mines, landfills, power stations, major roads.”

As Nickelodeon’s political agenda has increased in the past years, many parents have drawn the line and refused to let their children watch their favorite cartoon shows.  

Nickelodeon disabled replies to the Earth Day video, but that did not keep users from expressing their concern with Nickelodeon’s blatant indoctrination of its many young viewers. 

“And with this my family will never watch Nickelodeon again. Keep your politics out of our kids shows,” one user replied

“I remember the good old days when Nickelodeon brought equality to the world by dumping green slime on anyone who professed their ignorance,” wrote another critic of Nickelodeon’s departure from cartoon shows.

Nickelodeon is not the only network to grow more intentional about its political stances.  

Movieguide® previously reported

Cartoon Network, which has hosted shows geared towards a younger audience for almost 30 years, is now at the forefront of dismantling the biblical view of gender and telling kids they can choose from a long list of “gender identities.”

Cartoon Network announced a new series via Twitter with the caption: “Here’s to not only normalizing gender pronouns but respecting them, too. Whether you use he/she/them or something else, we acknowledge and LOVE you!”

The series, co-created with a leftist, pro-LGBT organization called the National Black Justice Coalition, uses the new show and characters to explain to children how to embrace all of the different gender identities.

It is important to be aware of what shows and worldviews are being fed to younger generations under the guise of cartoons and kid-friendly programming.  

Movieguide® offers many resources on how to train up children in the media-saturated age and exercise media discernment.  

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